Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Ride to Remember Part II {Horses}

Yesterday, I shared all the details of our daughter getting ready for her first riding lesson.  

Now it is time to show you how her first true horseback riding experience went. 

All saddled up it was time to walk Dollie to the riding ring.   Or better known on the farm as…





Her first lesson on safety inside the riding ring and the serious face came on!


Up onto Dollie she went, and that was the beginning of her heart being stolen forever…


She did a great job following directions and leading the horse where Brooke asked her to go.   She sat up perfectly straight in the saddle as if she has been riding for years.  




This smile never left her face!  Not for a second.



One last turn and she dismounted Dollie just as easy as she mounted her.   Then without a single complaint took her back to the barn, removed all of the riding gear, and walked Dollie back into the field.  A ton of hugs and kisses and we were off.     Too bad I walked away right after this photo.   Dollie laid down and rolled around on the dirt immediately afterwards and then played for a minute to relax after her time with our daughter.  It was awesome to watch!  


Thanks Brooke and Dollie for making our daughter’s heart grow a few sizes larger!  She can’t wait to see you both again!

Now that we will be spending so much time at the barn, you can bet there will be plenty of horse photos coming up on the blog.   Can you blame me?   They are amazing and gorgeous creatures! 


PS Please join us this month praying for our spouses and marriages.

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