Sunday, October 7, 2012




As most of you know - our family does NOT exchange Christmas gifts. Because we need nothing. We would rather give the money we would spend on each other to people around the world who literally have nothing.  This year our family is committed to raising $1,000 by Christmas for them.  Will you help and join us?  Watch the video below to learn how you can buy a brick for $25 - tax deductible. They make great Christmas gifts!

Village of Hope still needs $184,500 for such things as homes for the first orphans and their house parents, retaining walls, perimeter walls, and gates for safety and protection. These things will provide safety, home and HOPE for these orphans in Guatemala. Every brick you buy will help them reach their goal and meet the needs of orphans waiting for their home to be built.


Thank you for being a part of their story and a voice for the voiceless in Guatemala.


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