Sunday, October 28, 2012

Be Still SONday–One Desire

February of 2012 I posted the following:

What is your one desire?

Have you given that much thought yet this year? (Hard to believe this year is almost over!!  Two months left and we will be ringing in 2013)

What is your one desire for 2012?  (Did you accomplish it?  Did you yield to the Holy Spirit?  Did you allow God to fulfill you with His all sufficient grace?)

What do you hope to accomplish this year spiritually, physically, and emotionally?  (Have you done it?  Why not? If so, beautifully done!)

What is your one desire for yourself, as a child of the Most High God?  (I have learned this year to truly surrender each day and the moments that fill them to Him!)

I have been giving this a ton of thought lately – because in 2011, I truly believe I met my goal to obey God and trust in Him more than I had the year before.

Yet, I fell short in so many areas around obedience and trust – that I want to focus on allowing God to rule those areas and shine His light into others that I have yet to recognize as a stumbling block in my walk with Him.

{These are still my heart cry for this year and next! } I want to know the Truth, the Way, and the Life, – the doorway to FREEDOM - in 2012. Not mere head knowledge, because that has yet to prove itself enough. I want my heart to be saturated to the point of overflowing to every fiber of my being that His grace is most sufficient for me.

I desire to be radically changed from the inside out as I fully surrender to His will and rejoice in every detail of my life – knowing full well that His love will hold me together no matter what, and His grace will meet my ever need.

I leave you with this thought that has been keeping me busy throughout 2012…


“The most painful suffering is the suffering we reject.” Jacques Philippe



  1. The cry of my heart is that all of my loved ones be saved and walk with Him. That hasn't been answered ...yet but I continue to pray.

    Last year my one word was TRUST. I had many opportunities to learn to trust Him and He has been faithful.

    This year my one word was ADVENTURE. It has been an adventure. I tend to like stability but it has been anything but stable. So we will see how the year ends.

    But I'm trusting my adventure to Him.

    Love you,

  2. I have failed in so many ways this year -- but yet, there's been so many ways I've grown and gotten closer to Him - to be able to see that I've made it through many rivers and valleys - and I'm only stronger and better today because of Him!

    Next year (eek! are we already talking next year!!!) - I just want to follow Him. sounds simple, but I know it's so much more!!!



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