Monday, October 22, 2012


Our daughter officially turned 10 last month and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post her mini-birthday session.   Life has been full and I have been embracing every moment of it…sometimes with grace and other days feeling like a wave was about to pull me out to sea forever. 
This precious girl is a gift to our family and has been since the moment she was safely placed into my arms.  She makes us smile and laugh!  She brings so much joy into our family!  She is sensitive and loving!   She is bright and witty!   She is smart and wise beyond her years.   This girl of ours LOVES JESUS with all that she is and she is NOT ashamed to tell anyone about it!
Oh and she has not stopped reminding us that the coolest part of being double digits is that now she can refer to herself as a ‘tween’!  I remember feeling the same way!   Turning 10 was pretty cool!   You officially become a big girl!  So without further ado here is our beautiful tween!

We were all excited that she wanted to have her party at a frozen yogurt place with her friends.   She truly had a great time!


You haven’t truly lived until you have played a game of DIVA SIMON SAYS with our 15 yr old daughter leading it.  Oh my gosh it is beyond funny!  The boys from our birthday girl’s class tried to keep up as best they could.   Sorry I can’t show them because I don’t have permission from the parents.  You will just have to trust me on this – it is a RIOT!  Maybe I can convince the kids to let me video tape them playing it.  Open-mouthed smile


The cutest was watching our now 5 yr old lead Simon Says.  As you can see her older brothers loved it!
Tomorrow I will share her 5th birthday photo session from yesterday.  I am so happy with the photos.  She was very well behaved – which made our time together so much fun!!
I had to take a few photos of these two cuties having a blast celebrating their big sister’s birthday!
At the end of the day when I was finally able to sit back and go through all of the photos I captured these are by far my very favorite and speak volumes of her heart, and my love for her!
And this one is our girl through and through!!!!

We love to the moon and back sweet girl!  You make us so proud to be your parents!  We are so blessed to be the ones who hear you say, “I love you more than anything, Dad and Mom!”   Ditto forever’n ever’n always!


  1. Love seeing your newest tween!!! She's blowing me out of the water with her quiet beauty and her big heart! Simply gorgeous images of her!! That 2nd one about knocked me out of my chair! Wow!! :)

    How fun that must have been to be at the party and hearing all the laughter and giggles! Love seeing all the kids smiling and playing!

    giggle... and that last one... like mother, like sisters! haha!!


  2. Your tween is glowing!! The tiara is PERFECT for her in these photos. What a gorgeous gal! xoxo


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