Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FIVE and Proud of It!!

This little one is full of life – everything she does is BIG!   She may be small but her life is full of strength and determination!  She laughs big.  Cries bigger!  Screams louder!  Loves harder!  And fills our home with so many blessings! 
It is hard to believe that this little one is now 5!!!!
Let’s go back in time real quick first:
July 18, 2008 The day I was reunited with her forever! 
All dressed up and ready to fly home…
I will NEVER forget the first moments of our two youngest meeting one another for the first time!   They knew without words that they were brother and sister.  They have a special bond to this day!
September 2009 A very young prayer warrior – she needed God badly and was in this position often for a good year!
May 2010
Now October 2012

More of her photo session coming this week!   There are too many precious shots to put all of them into one post!
Wishing you all a blessed day!


  1. What a delight! As I watched the video, many of your previous posts came to my mind. I smiled as I remembered how she had to immediately bow her head and pray when she was acting up. You know my favorite photo is the prayer warrior one. That is priceless!

    My heart is smiling. How special to have that photo of her and Scott's dad too. I'm thankful to have found you in our blog land Jill. Even though we are a distance apart, you are dear to my heart friend.

    Love you,

    PS. Happy birthday to your precious girl!

  2. She was so lucky to find you... and your family was lucky to find her. Such a beautiful meant-to-be! Blessings are heaped upon you. (((hugs)))

  3. Oh my word!!! My heart has melted all over again!! You can so see her personality shine through from day 1 to today! How awesome you were able to get images of her life before she officially came home -- and wow, how awesome watching her grow up!!! (sniff, sniff, tear drops)!

    The newest ones you took down by the river -- OH MY WORD! GASP! BEAUTIFUL!! She's melting my heart all over again!

    Happy birthday, lil' lady!!!


  4. TEARS!!!! Oh man I love this girl!!! (did u see in May 2010 what you were in for??!). Lol!! Crazy girl!! Those last photos of her that you emailed me... oh my goodness! The best ever.... I mean it!


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