Friday, October 19, 2012

Furry Fabulous Friday

My precious best friend asked me to bring back FFF – so here you go! 

This one is sure to bring a smile to your face from start to finish!  And if not, you need to seriously go outside take a deep breath and come back to this post to soak in the cuteness on here. 

Last month we found out my puppy loves to fetch a whiffle ball and of course chew it! 


Oh, this him in desperate need of grooming Open-mouthed smile






And here is Mr. Charlie all groomed and perfectly precious!





If you can’t tell I’m totally smitten with him!   I have never owned a dog like him before or had a dog fill me to overflowing with love like this either.  It has been a treat and so healing for me!   It is wonderful to be loved all of the time and to be greeted with such joy every single time I walk in the door.  Even if it was just a minute ago I went outside to get something from the car.   I will gladly accept it each and every time.  Open-mouthed smile  



  1. Eekkkkkk! Love that fff is back! :-D Hahaha! Charlie melts my heart with cuteness! These are so sweet! Love seeing him in action, and then even how you got adorable portraits of him too! Love it! Xoxo

  2. Stop the head tilt!! I can't take it!! Lol! -)


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