Thursday, October 18, 2012


I guess the change of season has caused our dogs to need this grooming more than during the warmer months.  They both looked so scraggly just the other day, and when I got home seeing them looking like this I was all smiles.   Which of course meant I had to do a mini photo session with them.   Hats off to all you pet photographers.  

These shots are all SOOC (Canon 5D Mark III – 100mm 2.8L) 

This is Caspian’s favorite spot…the window right where he can watch all the action.  Meaning us coming home, the kids playing on the driveway, and all the animals that make their way onto the property…deer, squirrels, and a RACOON! A story for another day. 


His new favorite spot is right by the french doors off the kitchen so he can pretend to be fierce and bark really loud at the deer.  Who by the way ignore him totally.  He just ends up giving me a headache and they continue on with eating.

Hey, at least he is seriously CUTE!


Sadly, his tear stains were so bad this time the groomer couldn’t get them to completely go away.


Next up our two sweet boys together.   It was NOT easy to do this without any assistance.  But I did it!!!!  Two points mom!



My husband and I can’t stop giggling over this next shot.   Oh I love Charlie so much!!!!


Then I got the money shots Open-mouthed smile



Tomorrow, I will share tons of Charlie photos.  Get ready for some serious cuteness!  He brings it!  GOOD!

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful day! 



  1. awe!!! These two just made my night! Love all the furry-cuteness!!!

  2. The matching pumpkin kerchiefs!!!! GAH!!!!!!!


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