Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be Still SONday–Acceptance

Acceptance: [noun]


The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

I spent almost the last 24 hours (I did sleep some) pondering this word and its truest meaning.

I’m looking at it from God’s perspective.

Which meant I began to ask myself some really tough questions.

Am I content with the season God has me in?

Am I willing to do what He asks even when I can’t see the good in it?

Am I willing to push through my stuff to do what is right?

Am I willing to desire God’s way, even when I don’t like how things are going?

Am I willing to keep parenting His way, even when I see absolutely no fruit in several of our children?

Am I willing to love even when the people in my life are acting completely unlovable?

Am I willing to rejoice in my sufferings?

Am I will to accept this life and live it all unto the glory of God?

My answers as you can imagine were not what I would like to say I hoped they would be. When I asked God to reveal the places in my heart that are holding me back from the one thing I desire most, all of this was shown to me. He is pursuing me at the same rate that I am pursuing Him – but in HIS way that is so much greater, stronger, purer, holier, and AWESOME! I am NO match for His abundant love for me. Nor can I fight against it expecting to win. Nor do I want to.

The quote I shared here – and the pages following it in Interior Freedom are WRECKING ME! I’m coming to a new end of myself. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this way and still have hope. The tears are falling faster than I can wipe them as I type this post. I ache for myself and each of you reading this. Because interior freedom can be ours – peace that doesn’t fade even when our trials are trying to crush us.

The good news is that it already is ours when we give our lives over to God. We just have to grab hold of His peace and never let go.

The bad news is this:

It is us who cause our peace to wax and wane. It is us who cause our joy to slip away. It is us who cause our hope to be dashed. It is us who lose the ability to hear His still small voice. It is us who walk away from the greatest love we will ever know. It is us who are fooled into thinking we can live without Him in ever detail of our lives. It is us who are fooled into believing that the only way to true happiness is through our creating it. It is us who won’t accept Your way, truth, and life. It is us who create greater suffering in our lives, because we won’t accept the suffering Your way. It is us who don’t believe Your grace is enough.

Now back to the good AWESOME news - God, has not changed. God, will not change. God, will not give up on us. God, will never leave us or forsake us. God, will never stop pursuing us. God, will never stop loving us.

God, will never stop waiting for us to accept things His way. It all comes down to us making a choice – to accept each day as it comes or fight against it, trying to find a way around it, over it or under it. Even if you find a way to escape it now, you will have to face it somewhere down the road. A lesson is not over until it is fully learned where it counts – in the depth of our hearts – fully and completely surrendered to His will for our lives. God’s love for us doesn’t allow us to miss a lesson before it has been fully learned. He is patient and long suffering to wait for us to see what He is trying to show us. He will wait until we are willing to go through the test and walk away from it with all that He has for us to learn.

When we lay down our boxing gloves and look up to God, to fight the battles placed before us, we can have assurance that the battles will be won – in His perfect timing and the best way for us to grow in the grace and knowledge of His Son, and for Him to receive all the glory along the way.

I want nothing more than to accept every detail of my life with grace and to truly say without hesitation, “Your way Lord, right away, all the way, every day”, with a humble heart and joy from the depth of my heart…so steady because I know that I know that I know, He is worthy of nothing less.


Praying for each of you today and trusting God to reveal all the areas of your life that need your acceptance, so His peace and joy can be your strength to carry you through every moment in this life!


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