Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty in the Storm

Like most of the east coast our area was hit by tropical storm Sandy.   We were lucky and had very little damage to our property.   We lost power but that didn’t really seem so bad when so many had lost everything from her power!

While we were without power I took some time to enjoy photography for the sake of art.   It was wonderful.  I love finding the light and capturing it in many ways.  Not to mention my first love will always be capturing God’s glorious creation all around me. 

It is amazing how fast fall has come and gone around here.  The temps have dropped significantly and the leaves are almost all gone.  So it is wonderful to have a glimpse of the colors to savor just a little while longer.

All images are SOOC


Right in front of the potted bushes is our driveway. 



Outside my studio window is a view of our pool area.


For hours I sat by this window and dove into Glass Girl with a blanket wrapped around me to keep warm.   It was wonderful!








I continue to pray for those who were seriously effected by Sandy.  May God continue to comfort each family who is still trying to figure out what their normal looks like now. 

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  1. Amen - joining in on your prayers for those affected by Sandy and then the crazy winter storm!

    giggle - I'm thinking you must be living in a forest with all those leaves around! goodness! We have such crazy strong winds around here that they don't stay all pretty and blanket the ground -- they get piled up and moved on out here!

    love all the light and colors you captured!



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