Friday, November 16, 2012

Birds, Clouds, and a Slice of Heaven

I’m beyond blessed by the views around me every single day as I drive our children to and from school.  Not a day goes by where I’m not awed by it.   In almost every direction I can see mountains.  

I love how the morning light plays with them. 

I love how the clouds climb up on them and above them. 

I love how the afternoon light makes them seem gigantic. 

I love how a storm coming looks over them.  

I love everything about this little slice of heaven.  

I thank God daily for the views He blesses me with.  

Now I get to share some of my favorite shots from the last week with all of you. 

All shots are SOOC {except for the B&W conversion}








There is nothing quite like B&W nature shots.  They just draw me in and inspire me!




Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed weekend!


1 comment:

  1. I agree -- you are surrounded by some of the most amazing views! :)


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