Friday, November 9, 2012

Furry Fabulous Friday {Puppy Love}

I realized late last night that I didn’t have any photos of Charlie to share.  So after grocery shopping, doing two loads of laundry and sitting quietly in my studio this morning…we fixed that!

Enjoy my handsome boy who brings me so much joy and loves me no matter what!!!!

While you look at these I’ll be melting from his sweet puppy goodness right next to me!








And just because the ranch has become such a huge part of my life in the last month I couldn’t help but include Cinch the owner’s dog who greets us every time we arrive!   He closed his eyes each time I tried to take a photo of him.  He is not known for being still too long!  Open-mouthed smile  But hello gorgeous light and shadows!


This last photo warms my heart in a million ways.  Our daughter has been riding Dolly for each lesson.  But when Tropical Storm Sandy hit Dolly got hurt and was unable to ride for a few weeks.  We found her laying down last week and without even thinking about it, our daughter jumped out of the car and ran to Dolly calling her name.   Dolly heard her voice and even with all the pain she was in stood up.  They spent a good 10 minutes together.   We were later told that she is suffering from arthritis and may not be able to have our daughter ride her anymore.   Our precious girl cried and cried over the loss of her new best friend.   Their connection is very obvious to anyone watching them.   Well, to our surprise Dolly was standing up yesterday at the farm.   After her lesson on a new horse, our daughter went to say hello to Dolly.   Again, the moment Dolly heard her voice she came running (yes running) to her.   Then she followed her back to the gate where I was waiting.  


I’m beyond thankful for the gift of horses and all the ways they can heal our souls.   They have been such a blessing to our daughter and to me.   I am excited to begin riding in the near future too.  For now I’m spending time watching, listening, and learning all I can about training the horses.   You would be amazed at how much the horses tell you with their eyes, ears, and mouth.   You might also be amazed at how much their love can change you!   I am now hooked for life!  

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed weekend!


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  1. Ok,(splat) so (splat), my heart is making a mess over here over all the uber sweetness today!! :) (splat!)

    I love that you took a few minutes to capture some insanely awesome pics of your lil' boy! That 2nd one, no 3rd, no, 5th, no.... all melt my heart! And made me realize that (ahem) I've been a horrible puppy mama and haven't truly captured Storm in a long, long time! I'm thinking this weekend we'll have to do something about that!

    Giggle about Cinch! Maybe he's used to that horrible flash from a camera when it's pointed his way, so he prepares and closes his eyes! Or maybe he don't like seeing green-eye in his photos... LOL He sure is a pretty dog! (and looks like a breed that is meant for farm work/herding/etc.)

    And what a sad, but sweet story about Dolly and Girl. So sad that Dolly got hurt, but love that she's so bonded with Girl! What a gift!

    So excited you two have such a wonderful place to find yourselves at! What a blessing!



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