Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Horses: A Gift to My Soul}

Every time our daughter has a riding lesson I take about twenty minutes by myself to just be with and near the horses.   I am learning more about myself through each visit.   I truly believe they can feel what I’m feeling and react to those feelings.   They have a way of calming me down inside like nothing else {outside of prayer and praising God that is}.   This may sound funny to some, but they like me (and they know I like them).  A few of the horses now know my voice and come right away when I call or come near their field.  Let’s just say it feels good inside to be greeted so sweetly by them. 

My only issue is that I’m sorta allergic to them.   I can’t be anywhere near the barn while a horse is being groomed – my eyes burn and itch, my nose starts to run, and I sometimes get itchy.   I’m trying to build up my tolerance to them with each visit and after a month of going to the farm three times a week it is starting to work.   I realize it is colder outside which helps but I’m hoping by summer I will be completely over an allergic reaction to their dander and sweat!   Anyone have any tips out there to help me along the way, please share!

Their size is a bit intimidating {heck they weigh on average around 900 pounds full grown} and yet, they are so gentle with me.   They hear me calling and instead of running towards me they slowly make their way over to say hello.

(all photos are SOOC)




The other day I was blessed to watch the owner of the ranch train two mares and he was gracious enough to teach me as he worked with them.  My time watching him was a gift I will never be able to repay him for. I learned more about myself and parenting than I have in years. Parenting adopted children is very much like training a horse who has been misunderstood, mishandled, or trained improperly.    Dave was gentle and built a trust with Hope so easily, that she was quickly getting over her fears to do everything he needed her to.   Hope has refused being saddled.  Dave’s job is to have her accept a saddle and to be ridden without wanting to run wild.   It was a beautiful exchange of respect between them and a gift to my soul to witness.   God is so wise in the creating of horses and how they are used for our healing (and their own).   




After 40 minutes of building her trust, she was ready to have the saddle placed upon her.  After three times of being spooked Dave used another training tactic and as  you will see below Hope is one happy girl wearing her saddle. 



I had to leave before she was totally comfortable trotting around the ring with the saddle on and was beyond thrilled when I received this photo on my phone from Dave!!!

Like I said, my time watching Dave taught me so much about horses and what they are thinking, feeling, and getting ready to do.  Now when I look at my photos of them I see something totally different than I did before.   I know when they are worried, relaxed, frightened, or simply ready for some lovin’.   I look forward to learning all that I can about each horse on the ranch and how I can be a blessing to them as they are to me.  

Can you blame me for wanting to spend time with these gorgeous creatures?




I always make it back to our daughter’s lesson to capture her pure joy while riding Dolly.   Seeing her smile from ear to ear is worth more than I can say.   This has been a true gift to her soul and we are watching her blossom in ways we have prayed to see for a long time!






I’m already excited for her lesson again tomorrow.   What a gift horses have become to both of us.  I love sharing this with her.   I hope you are enjoying our journey with the horses we see each week! 

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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  1. My daughter has always {LOVED} horses and we finally talked my husband in to purchasing one this year. It has been a wonderful adventure and now we added a second mini pony to the family as well. I love them deeply. There is just something about them that is so peaceful. They are beautiful creatures and I too think they are so fun to photograph! Your photo's are beautiful! Enjoy!!


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