Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mom, Please Take One of Me!!!!!

Yes, I actually hear that quite often around here.

Especially before I leave for a photo session. 

They want me to practice on them first! 

OK, twist my arm!  LOL!

Of course our one son wanted me to capture more of his monkey face!  BOYS!

All shots SOOC


I was bringing one of our daughters with me to be my reflector assistant.  So she needed some tips before we went.  The above shot is a little too bright.   The one below I like better – more even fill light on his face and clothes. 


Of course little miss wanted in on the photo action.   Why resist this sweet face? 



I am the luckiest mom to have so many willing models to practice on!  Thanks kids!  I love you so!!!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful, delicious, fun, joyful, and love stuffed Thanksgiving!



  1. AWE!!! Such sweet and adorable assistants - both in front and behind the camera!!

  2. You have the best models and assistants Jill!


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