Monday, November 5, 2012

Nature Hike

Two weeks ago, we took the kids to my husband’s favorite hiking spot.  The weather was perfect, the leaves had all changed colors and were still showing off.



I love to stay behind and see everything through their eyes.  Our one sons reminds me every time we pass a tree that we are on the white path. 


I often stay back just to capture all God’s beauty, because honestly nothing compares to it!




Nature has a way of reminding me how small I am in the grand scheme of life.  Which immediately reminds me how BIG our GOD is!  I’m so thankful for the way He uses nature to draw me closer to Him!




From grand to the tiny details God has them all under His watchful eye and control.





I was pretty far back from the kids and just took in all the beauty around me as they walked off the hiking path.



Our hike was over and yet the beauty was literally everywhere.   I saw this next tree as we were pulling into the hiking area and had to capture it before leaving.   Can you blame me?



I can’t help but be still and think about how very important tomorrow is for our country and future.   Please vote and think about your children and grandchildren as you make your choice.   Think about who will stand beside and behind Israel, stands for life, stands behind our armed forces, knows how to run a successful business (able to manage the trillion dollar debt), and understands what it takes to dig deep to do what is right for our foreign relationships.  Not to mention will not force business owners to make tough decisions for themselves and all the employees that depend on them.   Be careful voting out of emotion.  Vote for what is best for our nation.  God have mercy on us tomorrow and may we all seek to honor Him in our choice. 


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  1. I loved each one of your beautiful nature photos. Psalm 19 came immediately to my mind; the beauty of God's creation. The path reminded me of the woody area near my grandmother's home that we hiked as children. How fun to take the family through areas like this.

    And yes, I was nodding my head at the end of your post. I already sent in my ballot. It's so important to vote and to be informed on the issues.

    Love you,


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