Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthday Blues

Hard to believe that she turned five over a month ago now.   Gosh, how is it only weeks away from Christmas?

Time to move with the flow and enjoy the days flying by.  Hey wait, I am and that is why it has taken me this long to share these photos of our 5 yr. old princess.

You saw the birthday shots I took of her a few days before her birthday.

However, you all missed out on the way her official birthday went down. 

It didn’t start very well because someone was not interested in having her outfit picked out for her.

Then she didn’t like the idea of her photo being taken with the other kids outside or that it was a wee bit chilly.


But then I reminded her it was her birthday and she would soon be enjoying chocolate chip brownie bites.


She decided a smile was way more appropriate and we ended our session.


happy_1480Off to school we went!   She had a wonderful princess day!

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful week!



  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. She shows such a wide range of emotions. But I'm glad the day turned out well for this little princess.

    Love you,

  2. Chocolate should always make a girl smile... maybe... LOL!

    What a trooper! And she's getting that emotional roller-coaster ride down pat early! giggle!

    I'm thinking I'm lovin' the first birthday pic the best to compliment the first set... haha!


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