Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inspired and Loved It!

Yesterday, I introduced you all to these two beautiful friends and their love for one another!

You all know how much I ♥ Pinterest. 

Especially when I find inspiration to try a shot like this and it works!


Because I know James and Nicole so well I knew they would trust me and allow me try a shot from my pin board.  Especially since Nicole loves to stalk them too!  Open-mouthed smile


I got down on the ground and used my flash aiming up at their hands so I would NOT lose the softness of the sky and clouds.  It worked perfectly on the first try.  I might have squealed just a little bit.  He he he! 

It’s OK because I knew that Nicole would too once she saw this series of images. 


I was right.  She totally loved them and might have let out a squeal or two herself!  Winking smile


What I’m about to say is NOT to boast or pat myself on the back.   It is shared for all of my photography friends and those who desire to do this professionally.   These shots needed no edits.  I simply resized them for my blog.  They are proof to me once again how important it is to master your camera, light, and to understand how to use a flash outside to get the light perfect no matter the conditions.   I don’t rely on editing software to make beautiful images of extraordinary moments I create them with the knowledge of how to use the tools in my hands.   My camera has become an extension of my mind – what I see and envision become memories that will be cherished forever!   I practice constantly to improve my camera and lighting skills.  I could care less about better editing software or skills.  I’m so far behind on them and have no desire to get better at it.  I am a photographer and will never be a re-toucher.   This world is beautiful and I desire to show it off just as it is – perfectly and wonderfully created.  Just like you!  

May that encourage all of you to grow your skills, and inspire you to capture the best SOOC shots you can each time no matter the lighting you are in!   Our time is precious and I enjoy spending it behind my camera way more than behind my computer!  Open-mouthed smile

More of this gorgeous couple and our amazing time on the tree farm will be coming up!   You won’t want to miss their smiles, joy, and love!   It is truly contagious!  Not to mention you might get inspired to go out to a local tree farm and recreate some of these for your Christmas card sessions. 

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Magnificent!!!!!
    So fresh and unexpected, I love it!

  2. Beautiful shots! You inspire me with your photography Jill. And you know how much I love Pinterest too. :)

    Love you,

  3. Great shots as always Jill. Just curious do you shoot RAW or in JPEG?
    Take care,



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