Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My New Found Friends

Four months ago a friend suggested I put a card inside the mailbox of this farm I drove by every single day.   I told her so many times how much I admired the horses on the property.   Well, I took her advice and now our one daughter is happily riding weekly, in horse therapy, and I’m joining in!  Soon my husband will be riding again too!  Who knows the entire family might get into it!  

Spending time with these amazing horses has been a gift to me in ways I still can’t give a voice.   The horses below are from the horse therapy farm and they each have a way of bringing out the things in us that need healing, awareness, and love.

I can tell you that if you are quiet and willing enough a horse will look straight into your soul and reflect it back to you!  I call them my “big truth serums”! 

I guess I can relate to these horses at the therapy farm so easily because like them our adopted children have deep rooted trust issues and have been let down by those who were supposed to care for them.  But either couldn’t or choose not to.   Personally I have many of the same issues from my own childhood and life.  My time with these gentle giants is helping me give a voice to that hurt and learn how to truly let it all go.   The same is happening with a few of our children in therapy as well with these horses.   We all enjoy it and look forward to spending time with these horses each week.  

It is truly remarkable how much you can learn about a horse and yourself by just watching them and allowing them to enter into your heart!





This gorgeous mustang was rescued from a horrible situation and is learning to trust humans.   Oh how I love watching him grow in that trust and finding his way out of all that confines him from being free!




Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful day!


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