Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two Best Friends

Our daughter has the sweetest connection with one of the horses she rides and it blesses me greatly!  Dolly is the first horse that she fell in love with.   It is so fun to watch them greet one another when we arrive at the farm each week.    Dolly’s ears perk up the minutes she hears her name being called by our daughter.   Unless she is way too busy eating (which I would like to know when isn’t a horse busy eating???) Dolly will immediately come to our daughter. 

Their time together has definitely helped lift both of their spirits.  Dolly was lame last month and you would never know it by the kind of riding our daughter has been doing with her lately.   Dolly has been full of life and energy!    Let’s just say that makes our daughter VERY happy!!!  Which of course makes me very happy too!


A few weeks ago, our daughter experienced her first fall off of a horse and we are all very thankful she was not hurt badly, nor was she afraid to get right back up in the saddle.  In fact, she didn’t stop begging me the next day to please let her go back and try all over again!  

So to see her handling Dolly like this and in complete control during a full canter was amazing to witness!   She is already posting correctly and maneuvering around cones beautifully!    On Thursday of last week they went over a few jumps together too!  I’ll share those photos in another post.  A first jump deserves a post all its own.   I have to keep reminding myself that she has only taken 10 lessons so far and has already come this far.   The trainer keeps repeating, “she is such a natural and will move quickly onto new skills!” 


Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop cheering and focus on capturing her riding.  I get asked a ton of times after each lesson if I caught a new skill she has worked on or mastered.   After we get home she wants to go through the photos to see if I indeed got what she wanted or hoped to see.  I love it!  This has been so fun for both of us.


They were really moving fast here and I was um busy cheering.  Ooops!


I didn’t make that mistake again!  LOL!  As you can see her trainer is all smiles behind her!


What made this lesson extra special?

It wasn’t doing the cones really well.

It wasn’t keeping her reins low and soft.

It wasn’t her ability to post during a full trot and canter.

It was having daddy there to watch.

It was beyond precious to watch her face light up every time she passed by him!!!!



He used to ride and jump when he was about 13 yrs old. He is excited to get back in the saddle to join in on the fun again. Not sure he will be jumping again. But she is one happy camper knowing that we will be sharing in her passion!

Oh yea, I’ll be riding soon too! I finally feel ready to get up on the horse after spending so much time on the ground with them. I promise to have someone capture that for all of you to see. Hopefully it will be photos of me staying on the horse with a smile on my face!!!

And just because I had to capture this gorgeous horse for all of you to admire too…




Just look at her sweet face.  Oh the way in which they can see straight to my soul – leaves me breathless!

But nothing leaves me quite as breathless as God’s glory painted all throughout the sky each day!

Especially when I am blessed to capture it as we finish up each lesson!!!!




With that I wish you all a blessed and beautiful day!

Be thankful for each day and find ways to bless those in your life!


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