Friday, December 7, 2012

Wrapped in Love

Nicole and I were so excited about the next series of shots…James just went along with it.   He was such a trooper and did everything to make Nicole smile!    When I say their love is infectious and contagious – trust me I’m not kidding!   They truly honor and respect the other.  They are walking hand and hand on this amazing journey called marriage with one goal in mind to let His love lead the way. 



I love this next shot – Nicole your smile just fills my heart with joy!!!!


This next image truly speaks of how safe and loved Nicole feels wrapped in James’ love.

Jill Samter Photography

Even though they didn’t pick the next two photos for their Christmas card, I think they are simply perfect!


I can’t wait to share more of our time together!  Until next time, wishing you all a beautiful and blessed weekend!


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