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30 Days Grain Free Living

This post is going to be a bit longer than normal – but it will be worth it to those who make the time to get through it!  At the end of the post I will be sharing information about Candida and parasites that my naturopath sent to me as we begin our 30 days of living grain free.

I posted this photo of our lunch the other day on FB and shared that we are going grain free and avoiding sugar for 30 days. 

going grain free

Which means no strawberries or berries for us until March 19th.  
WOW!  The questions started to fly!  “What, no strawberries?”  “Why, no strawberries?”
So this post was born out of the many inquiries the photo above received.  As well as, to help educate others who might like to learn along with our family as we continue our health journey.
If you are curious how our health journey began, You can purchase a copy of my book at the bottom of my blog.   You can also go back through my “health” posts and read how far we have come in the last 10 years.  Most importantly the last two years, where we began finding out what was seriously deficient in our diet and what we needed to do to fix it. 
Just in case you wonder why we only eat organic fruits and vegetables this photo speaks for itself!


Which brings me to our 30 days of grain free living.   {Our family already lives dairy and gluten free.}

My best friend and I were sharing about parenting, cooking, girl stuff, and just life a month ago.   She began telling me about this special diet her one son was on and the drastic (positive) changes in his personality and behavior that she saw in him after only two weeks of following it.  She was taking him to a special chiropractor/naturopath.  He suggested that her son immediately begin doing the following because after some testing in his office it was discovered that he had an excess of yeast and parasites in his body.  Which was hard to believe with the already strict diet he has been on for the last three years. Her notes are in (  ). Overall, most Americans have parasites.  Besides the obvious ways, they can be contracted by simply not washing fruits/veggies.  They can also be transmitted as easily as drinking from an infected person's water bottles.

NOTE:  In order to truly remove and kill the excess parasites in your body it is very important to work with a naturopath doctor/chiropractor who can help you get the supplementation you need to go along with this diet (the supplements address the egg-laying or systemic based parasites).  Your body will need the proper supplementation during and after the 30 days to help rebuild the weakened immune system, etc.   To find out what supplements we will be using keep reading until the end of the post. 
  1. Eat cooked vegetables ONLY, accept onions, tomatoes, celery and cucumbers.  Raw greens are OK pureed in smoothies.  (I do a smoothie with greens and protein powder at least once a day.)  Raw garlic is excellent to consume each day as well.

  • Take the time to properly clean any vegetables or fruits each day to ensure you are not just adding more parasites into your body.  Food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal parts water – put in a bowl let sit for 2 minutes and then rinse.  Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar with equal parts water is also great to use – rinse after quick soak.
  • These organic raw fruits ONLY - citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit), pears, apples and avocados.  Limited amount of berries.  Fruit is eaten only BETWEEN meals (except for apples which can be eaten at any time).
  • Palm size portion of protein with each meal.  NO PORK!  (I did cod last night.  Dipped in egg, rolled in almond flour, put a blob of Earth Balance on top and baked on pan in oven for 7ish minutes; put under broiler for a minute or two more; season with herbs, salt, pepper.  This was a big hit!)
  • No processed fats including vegetable, soybean, and canola oils.
  • SNACK every two hours if possible to prevent children from cheating and to help you avoid eating things off this list.  You might feel extra hungry the first 7-10 days as your body is screaming for what it has lived off of for so long.  Yeast (Candida) and parasites scream for more sugar and carbohydrates. 
  • AVOID all sugars, grains and carbohydrates (which means no beans or potatoes of any kind).  (Parasites live off carbs.  Yeast and inflammation grow rampant from it!)
  • NO DAIRY (mucous producing, etc.)
  • Only add in the following after three weeks without any grain/carbohydrates!   Most people can typically eat a bit of sprouted GF bread, quinoa, Mary' Gone crackers (we love these), Nut Thins and hummus. 
  • Drink half your weight in water a day. ie. you weigh 150 lbs. then you will need to consume 75 ounces in water.
  • Rub flu bomb on the bottom of your feet 3 x a day.  Oregano oil, melaluca, lavender, and Shield will help kill off any viruses and bacteria in the body, as well as, strengthen the immune system.   To read a great post on using oregano oil to kill parasites click here.  
    1. Just for the kids....rub some oregano oil or my flu bomb on the soles of their feet at night and be sure they are taking quality probiotics every day.  More information about oregano oil can be found hereIt is not recommended for children under the age of twelve to take the oil internally. Children may be treated by diluting the oregano oil in fractioned coconut oil or olive oil and rubbing it on the soles of the feet or other areas of the body.  The adage “less is more” applies to the use of oregano oil. Start with minimum amounts to observe the effects prior to taking larger dosages. For internal applications use only the true Mediterranean species of Wild Oregano (origanum vulgare). Other species of Oregano may be ineffective and even dangerous. Many of these oils are mislabeled and, in fact, are not the true Oregano. Full strength (‘neat’) essential oil of Wild Oregano is far too powerful for the internal or even external applications. For your safety, use only a proper blend of Oregano and the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, such as Hedd Wyn Essentials brand.
  • Drink apple cider tea (we use Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks too - yummy) while doing Epsom salt baths 3x a week to help the body rid of excess toxins, yeast, and to kill off parasites.

  • Lemon Apple Cider Vinegar tea:
    • 1 mug of steaming water
    • 1 tablespoon Bragg's apple cider vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon raw honey
    • Splash of organic lemon juice or two drops of lemon essential oil (fresh squeezed is best)
    Mix all of the above together, and enjoy!  Do this every night, and your body, especially your digestive system, will thank you!

    Here is another amazing testimony of what can happen if you follow this month long program properly:

    “A friend’s son had major anxiety.  Couldn't go to school (had to be home schooled) or sports.  Had raging fits.  Now it is all gone.  He broke the same foot 4 x in 2 years.  The parasites were living in his foot...and now he is stronger than before!”

    As you can imagine living without any grain/carbohydrates for a month will take lots of planning and organizing on my part.  Rice and GF pasta have been a huge staple in our diet the last two years.  But if you know anything about me, then you know I believe this quote 100%…

    Our family motto is “we do NOT live to eat, we eat to live!”
    Which means that I take into account everything that we ingest.  We only eat organic foods.  We eat very little “junk” food (processed foods – anything in a package).  We drink enough water every single day.   We take vitamins to support our bodies where our diet can’t meet all of our needs.  We use essential oils to support our health and keep the air in our home clean.   Working to keep my family healthy is one the most important roles and priorities that I have!   I enjoy doing it.   It helps me stay healthy too and teaches our daughters the importance of this role as they watch me.  Remember more is caught then taught.   Something I don’t take for granted.   I have nine pair of eyes watching me, to see if I am living what I preach/teach.  You can bet I’m walking it out as much as I possibly can each day to instill in them what matters most in this life – taking care of yourself first and then those you love second!  All of it falls under my faith in God and His love for us!
    Now you might be thinking, “Ok, well why are you doing this?”

    The simple answer is this:
    Several of our children are internationally adopted.  Several of them have behavior issues and health struggles.  Several of them struggle with sleep issues.   I still struggle with some health issues and after doing my own research on the “paleo” diet and grain free living I feel it would be in our best interest to give this a try for a month.  It won’t hurt any of us and can only help all of us feel better in the long run.   I’m not looking for a magic diet or pill.  I never have.  Never will.  I know that anything worth having is worth working hard for…and that includes good health.  It is the very reason we eat like we do now.  Because gluten is simply not healthy.  Dairy causes so many health challenges.  Sugar would literally be illegal if it were introduced today.  And the list goes on.   We don’t eat out very often because good food is hard to find in restaurants.  We never eat at fast food places because let’s all just be honest shall we – it is NOT healthy at all.   We don’t live near many organic only and gluten free places – so home cooking is safest and easiest.   When we do eat out, one of us pays for it later that night or the next day.   It is never worth it.  Ever.  

    Just a reminder to all who eat GF – that doesn’t always mean healthy.  It simply means it won’t upset the apple cart inside of you.  Most GF products have zero nutritional value.  They just help many people eat “junk” food without the stomach pain or skin issues they get with gluten products.  Sad smile

    Would I love a quality organic gluten free pizza place – YES!  Would we love to find a gluten free Chinese place that uses organic foods only - without all the preservatives – YES!  But that is not our reality.   Sheesh, I can’t even find a good tasting or worth using wrap that is GF.    I have simply given up trying and have used a non-gf one for the last two years.  Again, it will bother a few of us – which is not worth using them either.   If you have a good quality wrap or flat bread that you love do share where I can order it!  Thanks!!!

    Before I digress and get way off topic – let’s get back to this 30 days without grain.
    Because I make lunches for (5)five children daily I asked my best friend to help me with lunch ideas.  (Dinners would be easy – organic protein with steamed, roasted, or grilled veggies.  Breakfast we will be enjoying smoothies with a delicious protein powder (24g of protein) and I will be making eggs several times a week for all of us as well.)

    Lunch or snack ideas:
    • cut roasted chicken or turkey in pick-up strips
    • apples with nut butter
    • trail mix  - pumpkin seeds are excellent for killing off parasites buy them raw and unsalted for maximum benefits(no pistachios, peanuts or raisins)
    • pears with nut butter (sunflower seed butter is delicious with these)
    • grapefruit slices with lemons/limes – yes peeled and sliced up. make sure you eat these in between meals.
    • hard boiled eggs
    • egg salad made with avocado
    • guacamole
    • avocado sprinkled with sea salt and 1 TB of olive oil and a splash of lemon to keep it green until they enjoy it!
    • celery with nut butter or olive oil and lemon dressing
    • applesauce (obviously, no sugar added or homemade)
    • smoothie
    • tuna with avocado mayo and lime or lemon juice \
    • salmon with avocado and lime or lemon juice
    • grilled veggies
    • hummus and organic blue corn chips (after the first two weeks)
    • steamed carrots
    • almond or coconut yogurt
    • salsa

    Her doctor also suggested the following cleansing drink to be enjoyed as often as desired:  (When I don’t have fresh organic limes or lemons in the house I use my lemon and lime Camp Wander essential oils in the water.) use my coupon code: jillbewell for 10% off your entire order
    • 1/2 lemon
    • 1/2 lime
    • 1/2 orange
    • 1/2 grapefruit
    Squeeze into container.  Drop rinds in.  Fill with boiling water to 1 quart level.  Steep.  Add another quart of cold water.  Drink warm or cold.

    This is an excellent visual for me and I will be coming back to it for the next 30 days.  Because let’s be honest about day 15 I might get into a rut and I don’t want to give up when I have already worked so hard!!!!  Be a love and remind me to keep going and to push through the hard days!  Especially since I will be making many trips to the grocery store to replenish all the fresh foods we will be enjoying!!!!!!  Thanks in advance!


    Now the next question is,

    And if not, you truly should be.
    Please take the time to read the following article in its entirety so that you fully understand why we are doing the 30 days of no grains and then consult your healthcare professional before you begin on a healing journey like this one. 

    Interesting fact, even with all of my years of study and teaching about natural health, I was shocked to find out how damaging excess Candida and parasites are to our digestive tract (which is our most important system in the body – when that is not healthy we are not healthy).

    Ostrich Syndromes – Candida & Parasites
    by Gloria Gilbere N.D., D.A.Hom., PhD, Healthy Living Article

    It’s always a perfect time to prepare and support our intestinal environment by enhancing our overall immune system and ridding it of uninvited health-depleting organisms. If we wait until fall to support our immune systems, we become vulnerable. Researchers have now proven that over 70 percent of the immune system is based in the gut, so it makes sense to begin a proactive protocol by first eradicating as much excessive Candida fungal yeast as possible.

    What is Candida?

    Candida occurs naturally within the human intestinal environment as single-celled organisms reproducing by budding (outgrowth that breaks off and starts a new organism). These fungal organisms are capable of converting sugar into ethanol (alcohol), which releases carbon dioxide gas as a result of fermentation. In bread-making, these gases allow the dough to “rise”; however, when these organisms get out of balance in our intestines, they can cause a wide array of health problems, including a weakened immune system unable to fight off bacteria and viruses.
    Many victims of excessive fungal yeast describe vague symptoms not unlike those resembling a hangover or exhaustion, without being able to pinpoint specific causes—a poisoned feeling, inability to concentrate, and lost enthusiasm for most everything. If you’ve got your head buried in the sand, thinking fungal overgrowth couldn’t happen to you, take a look at how many different things can contribute to just such an imbalance.

    Causes/Contributors of Candida Fungal Yeast Overgrowth

    • Repeated antibiotic courses; antibiotics destroy all intestinal bacteria, good and bad
    • Birth control pills
    • Cortisone drugs
    • Over consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates
    • Vaginal transmission from an infected partner
    • Elevated progesterone levels causing PMS and pregnancy hormone imbalances
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Overly acid pH
    • NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen)

    Consequences of Yeast Overgrowth

    • During the growth process of Candida albicans, toxic materials are emitted, spreading throughout the body and producing the following symptoms/disorders:
    • Digestive System—bloating, gas, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, inability to lose weight, insulin resistance
    • Nervous System—chronic fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, brain fog, depression and chronic insomnia. In children, hyperactivity, autism, quick anger, “short fuse,” and short attention span
    • Skin—hives, eczema, psoriasis, profuse sweating without physical exertion, acne, and nail fungus
    • Genitourinary Tract—in women, mild to severe PMS symptoms, including: depression, mood swings, fluid retention, cramps, recurrent vaginal or bladder infections, loss of sexual desire, crying for no known reason. In men, chronic rectal or anal itching, recurrent prostatitis, impotence, genital and inner thigh rashes
    • Endocrine System—thyroid dysfunction, adrenal “burnout,” pancreatic disorder. These disruptions cause symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, low body temperature, tingling and numbness in fingers, feet and toes, sugar and carbohydrate cravings and insulin resistance
    • Generalized Immune System—recurrent infections of especially the ears, nose, throat, respiratory and vaginal/genital areas
    • Hypersensitivity Syndrome—occurs as the body attempts to neutralize Candida overgrowth by producing antibodies (proteins). These antibodies cause the body to become hypersensitive to molds, foods and environmental factors, causing a condition I’ve named “multiple allergic response syndrome” (MARS).

    Eradicating Candida Yeast, Naturally

    It is no longer necessary to succumb to prescription drugs and their side effects. A natural, multisystem approach like that contained in CandaCleanse –(a Powerful Herbal Complex for Candida Yeast Detoxification), can assist the body in ridding itself of common yeast, such as Candida albicans. This yeast can be eliminated through this easy, safe and effective herbal synchronized blend.
    However, in order to permanently rid the body of health-depleting yeast and fungus, it is also necessary to make dietary changes that limit high-glycemic carbohydrate foods and sugar consumption (for a complete list of dietary guidelines see our Candida books).
    Many people consider yeast and fungus isolated, infrequent conditions and do not concern themselves with either the prevention or treatment—an opinion far from reality. Dr. Alan Levin, a prominent immunologist at the University of California, estimates that one out of three Americans suffer from health-related conditions as a result of Candida yeast.

    Note from Christine:
    It is suggested to replenish the healthy bacteria in the intestines with probiotics to prevent intestinal pathogens from thriving and re-growing. Please see Mt. Capra’s Caprobiotics Advanced probiotic formula in addition to the CandaCleanse formula by Mt. Capra.

    Parasites - Externally Invisible, Internally Present

    Recent medical studies estimate that 85 percent of North Americans have at least one form of parasite living in their bodies—many authorities believe this number to be effectively as high as 95 percent.

    A pioneer in treating hard-to-diagnose disorders, Leo Galland, M.D., cites his experiences in the following quote: “I strongly believe that every patient with disorders of immune function, including multiple allergies (especially food allergy), and patients with unexplained fatigue or with chronic bowel symptoms should be evaluated for the presence of intestinal parasites.”

    Parasites, Not Me!

    As repulsive and unpleasant as parasites are, the reality is that their eradication starts with knowledge, not by burying our heads in the sand like an ostrich—hoping they’ll just go away and we won’t have to deal with them.
    These insidious invaders become even more dangerous when we consider that most U.S. physicians do not suspect or recognize the classic symptoms, proceeding to deal with symptom-care rather than causes. U.S. physicians are simply not educated in parasitology, other than basic medical school introduction, unless training for a specialty in tropical medicine.
    Particularly in America, we believe that parasites are only a serious problem in developing nations; nothing is farther from the truth. Scientists have identified over 300 types of parasites thriving in our American population today including, but not limited to: pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, ringworms, whipworms, roundworms, heartworms, and Giardia lamblia.
    Parasites can be contracted or transmitted through the following methods:
    • Pets
    • Shaking hands with an infected person
    • Sexual transmission—parasites are more easily passed through sexual practices than venereal diseases
    • Raw vegetables (unwashed) —a perfect breading ground for microscopic parasite eggs
    • Rare meat, especially undercooked pork, which is known to carry tapeworms
    • Toxic buildup of plaque in the colon walls, providing an ideal breeding ground: warm, dark, toxic and moist
    • Insect bites

    Uninvited Guests

    Our immune system is the first line of defense against invading bacteria, viruses, and parasites. To stay healthy, it’s imperative this system is maintained free of additional burden. Parasites and worms are scavengers, opportunistic organisms living within their host (you). They generally reside in the gastrointestinal tract and feed on toxins and waste within the body, becoming “obese” when fed their favorite diet of sugars, processed and junk foods, and excessive carbohydrates. Parasites have three main goals within their human host:
    • Grow fat on your nutrition
    • Drink your blood
    • Overload the host with their waste—which is toxic and reabsorbed into your bloodstream, weakening the entire immune system

    Potential Causes

    Parasites enter the body via the mouth, skin, eyes, and soles of the feet. They are mostly found in meat, watercress, feces, contaminated soil, vegetables and water.
    Research confirms parasites are a common denominator in people with AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, candidiasis, fibromyalgia and many other immune system disorders. Symptoms of parasite infestation may go undetected for many years with no apparent symptoms.
    Manifestations of Parasitic Infestation: (Symptoms listed may also be associated with other disorders)
    Fever, chronic cough, anemia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, apathy, malnutrition, liver dysfunction, lung lesions, food allergies, anal itching, dark circles under eyes, inflammatory disorders (arthritis, fibromyalgia), swollen/knobby joints, unexplained weight loss, vertigo, persistent acne, teeth grinding, failure to thrive (children), recurring headaches light sensitivity, amebic hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

    Evicting Your Invaders

    Parasites can be safely and effectively eliminated, without the use of harmful drugs. I use and recommend CapraSite by Mt. Capra, a unique herbal complex created to cleanse the intestines of parasites, worms, and fungus, while supporting healthy intestinal terrain to discourage further invasion.
    An effective natural parasite cleanse should contain blends with specific target ingredients to provide a full-spectrum elimination protocol that includes parasite elimination, immune enhancement, intestinal balancing and a botanical blend for systemic detoxification.

    Generalized Protocol to Eliminate Candida Fungal Yeast and Parasites

    Parasites feed not only off our cells and blood, but also thrive in an intestinal environment that houses excessive Candida yeast, actually “wetting the appetite” of the parasites and encouraging their reproduction. It is therefore advisable to first eliminate the source of their “main course” (Candida yeast), then proceed to eradicate the parasites. If parasites are present, there is most likely an abundance of fungal yeast.
    For maintenance, I recommend the protocol used by my clients and me of performing a semiannual yeast and parasite cleanse. In addition, implement dietary changes limiting intake of simple carbohydrates and sugars that “feed” these microorganisms in the intestines.
    Note from Christine:
    It is suggested to replenish the healthy bacteria in the intestines with probiotics to prevent intestinal pathogens from thriving and re-growing. Please see Mt. Capra’s Caprobiotics Advanced probiotic formula in addition to the CapraSite formula by Mt. Capra.
    This is a major issue for most Americans with the lifestyle and diets most people consume year after year and it is sadly effecting children the most.  They eat so much junk food on a daily basis their bodies are breeding grounds for Candida and parasites.  Keep a food journal for a week  (a reality check on what your family is eating) and I guarantee you will be saddened at how much sugar, carbohydrates, and excess junk you all consume.  Then ask yourself, “Is it possible that this is the cause of us getting sick so often and struggling with our health throughout the year?”
    Our family will be doing this cleanse at least twice a year.  Two months each year to ensure our bodies are working at their optimum is totally worth every sacrifice we will all have to make.  
    **If you have headaches, aches, pains, tons of nausea, or diarrhea during the first few weeks, check in with your healthcare professional to ensure that your body is getting all it needs during the initial phase of killing off the Candida and parasites.  Be sure you are properly hydrating, drinking the apple cider tea, and taking the 3 detox baths weekly to help the body through this incredibly healing journey!
    I found excellent prices for both supplements mentioned above – simply click on the pictures below to purchase either of them if you don’t have a way to get them locally or your doctor is not familiar with them.
    Mt Capra CapraSite , 60 Caplets

    I will share my favorite recipes along the way.  So keep checking back to see how we are doing!
    Feel free to email me any questions you may have.  If I can’t answer them I will find someone who can and point you in their direction!  Please post your favorite grain free recipes so that I can share them with all of my readers here!  Thanks in advance!

    When ordering remember to use my coupon code:  jillbewell to receive 10% OFF your entire order. 
    Any thoughts or questions, please visit my contact page. 


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    1. That is a ton of information and very eye opening. Thanks for sharing!

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      Praying this has as much success in your house as in other houses with you and the kids!!!

      I may have to try incorporating a few of these things into my routine. :)


    3. Thanks for sharing Jill! I look forward to following your 30 days. I am interested in doing this for our family as well, but I will need to do a lot of planning and watching you first will help! Please post a menu/recipes too!


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