Monday, February 11, 2013

A Personal Treasure {The Secret Wooden Box}

I truly wasn’t expecting a gift from the children or my husband for my birthday last week.   I knew they all made me homemade cards and they are so incredibly special to me. 

Scott and I were set for an entire spa day, but it had to be canceled thanks to the stomach flu going around.  We rescheduled for this Friday and I can’t wait.   So when I heard that they had a surprise - it blew me away.  

Scott went over to his office and came back with a handful of homemade cards.  Then he had a bunch of papers in his hands filled with writing on them.  He then handed them over to our daughter to begin reading the story that she and her sister wrote for me.   The story told me clues about the special gift they were about to give me.

Yet, I truly had no idea what it was.   When I shared about my special gift on FB many of you thought I received a horse, a maid, a nanny, or Jessie.   Although those might have been nice and a few very needed in our home at the moment – not one could touch the precious treasure they had all given to me!!!!

As she read the story I found myself  lost in the words and was thankful for the time the two girls put into writing this wonderful tale.  It was the perfect gift.   I truly had no clue a gift was coming afterwards.

My husband then reached behind our youngest son with a beautifully gift wrapped box.   I knew he didn’t do it.  LOL!  Sorry love – your talent is not gift wrapping!  

When he handed it to me I was totally thrown off because it was so heavy!!!!  Hmmmm, what could it be?




I tore off the paper (sorta too slowly for their liking – yeah I’m one of those who doesn’t rip it to shreds people because I like to appreciate the beauty in the wrapping!!!)  and found a beautiful old cigar box inside.  But I knew it had to have something in it to be this heavy.  




As I opened it up and heard my husband explain the meaning behind this gift I began to cry.  The children all said, “Mom please don’t cry.”  I reassured them immediately at how touched I was and that this was by far the most special birthday gift I have ever received!  “I will cherish it forever”, I told them.



Scott shared how they walked around my favorite antique store for over an hour looking for the perfect stones for me.  They could never know how much each stone would mean to me right now.  They could never know the depth of how loved I would feel by their thoughtfulness.  They could never know how blessed I would feel by receiving six stones for my 45th birthday. 

But I do.

Each stone has such a powerful and personal meaning behind them for me right now.  I was told by the children and Scott to select a stone each day, but to pick it carefully.  “Choose the stone that you most need that day and keep it close to be reminded that it will be given to me just as I ask to receive it and then give it away.”   More tears fell. 


I was so overwhelmed. 

I am so incredibly thankful for these beautiful stones.

I am loved.

I am worthy.

I am valued.

I am precious to them.

I am learning to not just say these words, but to know in the very fiber of my being

You may not have received these stones as a gift last week, but please receive them as my gift to you today. 

Find stones out on a walk and then write words of affirmation that you need in your life now.   Then when you don’t need them anymore, pass the stones onto those in your life who will be blessed by them.   Or bury them when you have learned the lesson fully attached to the meaning of that stone!

Please feel comfortable to visit this post as often as you need to be reminded to be tender with yourself and others, to forgive yourself and others, to take time to rest, to love yourself and others, to have faith and hope - which is the only way to have true peace of mind, and to never forget to find the beauty in your life.  As well as, that you my precious treasures are all BEAUTIFUL! 



  1. Choking back tears!!!! This is absolutely amazing and you can be sure I am going to do this very thing! What a wonderful, beautiful gift!!!!! Love this so much.

  2. Oh gosh, what a beautiful gift!!

  3. Deep breath! Oh my! What a love-filled treasure box! It's perfect! You, my sweet friend, are so very blessed! Xoxo

  4. How absolutely wonderful! I love it! But the best part is how much time, effort and thought they put into the planning. Now that speaks LOVE loudly!
    How blessed you are!:)

  5. Words fail the creativity, the imagination and all the love that went into making YOUR day so special and blessed.


  6. What a perfect birthday gift for you Jill! Your family knew just what you needed. And don't we all? As you received this gift how loved you must have truly felt.

    Happy birthday Jill, my sweet friend.


  7. Thanks for making me cry. No, really. Love you and so glad you had a special birthday. You deserve it.


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