Friday, February 8, 2013

Furry Fabulous Friday

I have been so excited about this day for months.  We have been planning to bring home a new puppy since before Christmas.  Jessie is our second maltipoo from Texas.  She has the same father as Charlie.  Yet, her fur is more Maltese and his is more poodle.

Here is the first photo of Charlie compared to the first photo of Jessie.  To give you an idea of how different and similar they are.   Oh and don’t mind how much I have changed in only one year.  Another fine example of my many hair changes last year.  HA!  

        Charlie came home March 12, 2012                                                                   Jessie home February 7, 2013



Oh the joys of sweet puppy kisses there is nothing like it!





After cleaning her paws really good with baby wipes (sweet girl was in her crate for 12 hours and only had one accident and couldn’t help but step in it.  She was clean otherwise and so ready for loving!!!), I had my husband hold her so I could capture her face a little better. 



When we brought her home the boys (Caspian and Charlie) growled and barked at her for two hours.  But she totally held her own with them.  She is such a cutie!  I think she will be the leader in no time!  HA HA HA!

Once I have a few moments I will edit the video I took last night of her playing outside the airport and meeting everyone.


After everyone had a few moments to say hello to her before bedtime, I swiftly took her downstairs to clean her paws properly and trimmed around her eyes!  Ahhhh so much better!  She is seriously cute! 


She is ALL fur!  She is so tiny underneath all of it.  Smile


One last photo before it was time for bed. 


Jessie doesn’t quite get how to be on a leash yet or the walking thing.   Nor does she understand going potty outside with snow on the ground.  LOL!   But she did great with only one accident last night right before bed.  She went into her crate without any issues and slept from 11pm until 6:30am this morning.  She is running around playing with Charlie this morning.  They are becoming fast friends.  Caspian is still not sure about this new girl in our lives.   Poor guy will just have to get over it, she is here to stay!!!!  

Next Friday, will be more photos and video of her. 

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful weekend!



  1. Very sweet!! The two of you are gorgeous :))

  2. Awe! She's too precious! So love how you are capturing her story from the first moment she arrived! I know she'll be so loved!

    And how awesome that she's already making friends with the boys!


  3. Ah what a cutie this little Jessie is. This would be the kind of dog I would love to have. Maybe one day ...

    Love you,

    PS. thanks for sharing these cute photos of your latest bundle of joy


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