Friday, March 8, 2013

Furry Fabulous Friday

Two weeks ago the dogs were groomed and of course that means I must take a few (ahem 50 photos of them)!

Charlie looks so adorable I can barely stop kissing him!





Ahhh, the puppy head tilt!!!  How can you possibly resist that?


Ha! Ha! Ha!  this face kills me!  He was giving me the, “I’m not going to look at you face.”


But he can’t do it for long – because he just loves hearing me say his name.  Open-mouthed smile


Then, I caught a few great shots of Caspian relaxing after his grooming.




Next a few of them together…




Open-mouthed smile Then they were both done with me. 



An update on Jessie – she is now our oldest adopted daughters dog.  I was about to send her back to the breeder because of her crazy personality.  But after checking in with the trainer and vet they both agreed it would be “ok” to keep her and let our daughter own her.  Say a few prayers it all works out, because Jessie is not a calm puppy at all and makes the other two dogs a bit nuts.  Sad smile



I love these of her and Charlie playing together in my studio. 





But this one just made me laugh and I had to post it on FB for a photo caption contest…it was begging for a good one!


Brittany Ann Cox Dude... She put us on a grain free diet... What does that mean?

Hannah Diane "Can I please have my reward now? Please?"

But my favorite is from Jennifer…

JD Waterhouse Photography “Do you want a treat? Okay then....sit, lay down, now STAY.”

Email me so I can send you a little something just for you to enjoy Open-mouthed smile


Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful weekend!  Enjoy the spring like weather and SUNSHINE!


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