Friday, March 15, 2013

Furry Fabulous Friday

Don’t you just love this day around here? 

I especially love it after grooming day!  The dogs look so handsome and pretty.   Actually they look like different dogs when they come back into the house.  Rose does such a good job cleaning and clipping them.   She announced after Jessie was done, “that the boys need to take lessons from the baby girl of the family because they are wimps when it is time to get their hair dried.”  HA!   Go figure the crazy girl puppy is the best during grooming. 

I promised Rose I would do my best to get a photo of the three dogs together – um as you will see it didn’t go so well.  But I will try again this weekend when the kids are here to help me.   LOL!   I got two of them to sit and look at me, but the third would start to sniff the other two and it was just chaos.  Hats off to all animal photographers!!!!


Charlie and Jessie have a very sweet bond already.   I love this series of them sniffing each other and then deciding if it was play time or not.  Lucky for me, NOT!



I love how Jessie looks now that her hair is shorter.  Rose is convinced she will be more white than brown after a few more grooming's, time will tell.   Look how cute her ears are!!!!




Charlie literally shrinks two sizes after he is groomed.  His fur is so thick and curly.

I love this guy so much!!!!!!!

So handsome!


These two are best buddies through and through.  They nap on each other or right next to each other all day long!


“Look over here, mom has that camera aimed at us again.”  Is pretty much how photo sessions go with them!  HA!





And this photo totally cracks me up. 

I don’t think I could manage to convince them to do this exactly at the same time ever again!  HA!


I tried to get them both looking at me – but this was all I got.  


The end!

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful weekend!


PS Monday will be my final menu for our 30 Days of Grain Free Living.   I look forward to going through the two new grain-free cookbooks that arrived yesterday and making many new recipes in the weeks to come!

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  1. Oh the puppies are so adorable!! Love seeing their furry faces!

    Jessie is much cuter with this type of haircut I'm thinking! (although I thought she was cute before!)

    And the boys... melt my heart! And I was totally cracking up with you with how they *both* were avoiding looking at you together! giggle!


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