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Moms Why are You So Against Me?

Warning:  This post might be long and intense.   I will not apologize for my opinions.  Nor will I apologize if the truth causes you to be uncomfortable.  We need a little discomfort in this country.   It seems everyone is just a little too comfortable with things and wants the easy way out.   Not me.  I respect those who work hard and want to do the best for themselves and their families.  This isn’t about being the perfect mom or keeping up with all the fancy mom bloggers either.  This is about our responsibility as parents to educate ourselves and in turn educate our children about healthy living.   It is just as important as what we allow our children to fill their minds with and how they spend their time each day.   This isn’t about fear tactics – it is a wake-up call to all of us.   It is time to wake-up and use our voices together and stop being against each other.   That will NEVER teach our children how to make this world a better place.  

Before you make a comment after reading this post, go read each of these posts.   Educate yourself and do some research.   Really think about what you are doing and ask yourself the hard questions.  Is this best for me and my children?  Is everything in moderation really OK?  
 Gluten dietary warning

what is gluten
Here are some questions you might be asking before you even begin this post!
  • Gluten free is only for people with health issues (celiac etc), how can that help me?  
  • Organic foods are only for those who are tree huggers and I’m not one of them, so why bother?  
  • I don’t feel sick and my children are healthy, so why should I change what we are eating?  
  • Eating healthy is expensive, who has the money for that? 
  • Blah, Blah, Blah, about GMO’s and pesticides.   Stop trying to come up with excuses for organic foods to cost us more money.


OK, time to dig in!
I love this graphic.   I could end this post right now and it would say more than enough.   But because there are so many out there that have yet to feel the pain of what is happening around us, I will continue to be a voice for those of us who want to live our lives as it was intended to be lived – NATURALLY!!!!!




SLB_Poster-English and spanish.indd 


ASPARTAME:  Pay attention all of you who drink diet soft drinks and candy,  and use artificial sweeteners in your drinks.

Roaches and ants won’t eat it, cats and dogs won’t eat it, even house flies won’t eat it — but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) serves Aspartame to you with their approval and the approval of the Monsanto Chemical Company.
The FDA and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have received nearly 7,000 complaints, including five deaths, attributed to the use of aspartame in food products since the FDA first permitted limited use in 1981. A number of researchers and doctors around the country object not only to the product itself, but to the questionable preliminary research that led the FDA to approve it’s use.

There are 90 documented symptoms including: Headaches, Muscle spasms, Irritability, Heart palpitations, Loss of taste, Joint pain, Dizziness, Weight gain, Tachycardia (heart racing), Breathing difficulty, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Blurred vision, Seizures, Rashes, Insomnia, Anxiety attacks, Vertigo, Hearing loss, Nausea, Depression, Blindness, Slurred Speech, Memory Loss, Fatigue, Numbness.

Click on the photo below to read a great article on why we need to avoid ingesting aspartame.

aspartame-side-effects 0089_aspartame_side_effects 

Fast Food is NOT good for you.   Doesn’t everyone already know that?  Obviously not, because millions of you are eating it and feeding it to your children every single day. 

Our fast "food" display is now 2 years old. The word food is questionable, since the bread-like and meat-like substances have not molded or spoiled in any way. Bugs won't even bother with it. Please think twice about giving this to your kids. You have a choice, but they don't. We truly are what we eat.

Source: LiveWell Wellness Centers.

It is important to learn where gluten hides – even in shampoo/conditioners and skin care products.  If you have been told to avoid it, then this list will help you out.
 GF_Fact Sheet-Shopping List-Printable


Sorry for the word choice in this graphic, but it speaks volumes of the youth in our country.   Sadly, the parents are to blame for their sense of entitlement and believing they have a say over every choice in their lives.   It comes from all the crazy parenting ideas out there that have convinced parents their children’s happiness is more important than their respect for authority, obeying rules, doing what is asked of them, and learning to be ok with having less, and that being bored is a part of life.   No child is really bored.  They just don’t know how to live in this world without constant entertainment.   They are growing up in a world that shouts the need to be plugged in from the moment they are old enough to walk (even younger now – I see parents plopping babies down to watch TV with them for hours).   Sadly, we the parents have allowed this to happen.    

The problem with raising entitled children is that they have a misguided perception that they can be in control of all areas of their lives.  They demand to get what they want when they want it.  They learn how to push their parents buttons until they give in and soon learn that their parents will give in way easier each time because it is just easier than actually doing what the child needs.  GIVING THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY DON’T WANT and teaching them why it is not needed or in their best interest!  

Are you ready for the best parenting advice out there?
  • Don’t parent out of guilt!  
It only teaches them that there is shame associated with the choices you make.  If you have to work and miss spending time with your children, then make the time together count.  Turn off from all social media and focus on them when you are together.   If you have to miss an important event they are in, then ask someone to capture it and watch it together when the time is right and you can truly focus on watching it.  Don’t buy them things to prove you love them.   Don’t buy them things out of guilt – they learn you are doing that early on and the gift doesn’t have any real value to them.   They want your time, not your guilt gifts.  Saying your sorry and showing it goes much further than any gift you buy. 
  • Don’t parent trying to make sure your kids have what other kids do or are allowed to do!  
It is OK for your children to not get a computer in their room until they are truly old enough to be responsible with it.   For some that might not be until they are off to college.   Use parenting software that will protect them for the many dangers on the internet if you do allow them to have a computer/iPad in their room (we use net nanny).   Please educate your children about the dangers waiting for them on FB, Instagram, KIKI, Snapchat, etc.   Check up on their activity and keep the lines of communication open with what they are doing and seeing. 

If your child doesn’t truly need a cell phone to stay in touch with you, then don’t feel pressured into giving them one until they are old enough to drive.  Every school has a phone and as you can imagine so does every teacher.  If there is a true emergency they will get a hold of you.    I’m sure teachers everywhere would thank you for not allowing your children to bring a cell phone into school.  They wouldn’t have to worry about inappropriate texting, photo sharing, and time on the internet (or cyber bullying).

We are so thankful our children are in a private school where they must wear uniforms every day.   They have no idea what the latest fashion trends are and don’t worry if their *Walmart or *Target sneakers are not it!    Even when our one daughter was in public school, we didn’t shop to impress.  We shopped to make sure her clothes fit right and would be modest (she still looked super cute). 
  • Don’t parent out of giving your children more things than you had when you were little!
I grew up without very much.  
I learned early on in my parenting career that giving our children more stuff was never going to help them become better adults.  It just added up to more stuff broken, left untouched, more for me to clean up, and them wanting something else to replace all that is no longer new.
The only things I think a child can never have enough of are:  books, arts and craft supplies, and the great outdoors!  Not to mention us pouring truth into their hearts and minds! 
  • Don’t parent to please them and be their servant!

Need chore ideas?
Here you go!

  • PLEASE STOP OFFERING YOUR CHILDREN A SUGAR TREAT TO BE GOOD and please NEVER offer one to ours!  It is the root and beginning of them associating food with their emotions and rewarding good behavior with JUNK!

 Instead of me writing a post all over again about this topic take time to read this post and the links I share within it.

You might want to read this one too – because food should never = love.   True love looks like this.

Yes, I cook healthy meals for my family, because I love them.   I cook my food with that love.  But the food I give is not for their love in return.  Nor do I give them food to show me theirs in return.   I don’t bribe them to be good.  I ask and expect them to be good for me.   It is because we love each other and respect each other that they do it.   They have learned what love is by our learning together as our family grew through adoption – love has nothing to do with getting everything you want, when you want it.   Sacrifice comes in many forms and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.   Going without often times is the greatest lesson of all.

Maybe you have never thought about adoption and what it does to a child.  But I can assure you food should NEVER be used as a reward.  EVER!   If you have ever wondered about adoption, then take a moment to learn what life is really like for those waiting to be welcomed home.

I am shocked by how seldom I hear these words said by other children, especially at school and even church.   We practice these at home – OFTEN!  Because our children still get it wrong and we want to instill in them things that matter in life. 
This is an excellent list and post Top 10 Manners your children should know by age 5

Another excellent list of manners – click here

To see this next one full size, simply click on the graphic:
25 Manners

Here are 13 Ways to Raise Children That Aren’t Entitled

OK, so that was the heavy part of this post, now onto the good news.   22 companies are out there fighting the war against GMO’s and you can support them!

If you aren’t sure what foods to eat to support optimal health check this out.  Our family uses dairy free substitutes and has zero issues with calcium.
Paleo infographic + shopping list

Click on the image below to find delicious and nutritious recipes (GF & Dairy free) or follow my GF and Paleo Pin Board where I share thousands of wonderful recipes.

Vegan Baking Substitutions...not really vegan but always looking for better substitutes for cooking
10 Easy Ingredient Substitutions for Baking!

Many tell me it is so overwhelming to begin eating healthy and making the changes they know are right.   My answer is always the same.

“Make one good change a week and never give it up.   Get rid of one bad thing each week and never bring it back into your home.”



This graphic is a perfect illustration of what is causing millions of Americans to gain weight, get sick, and to feel tired all of the time.  The body can’t handle the amount of carbs and sugars (processed and fake foods) ingested, and then it becomes inflamed, which leads to a huge list of health challenges.   Every decision we make has an effect on our health – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  We can choose to do what everyone else is doing and use that as an excuse that it must be fine.  Or we can educate ourselves and stand against what is happening to our food supply and thus, our health!

Eat less CRAP and more FOOD

Have you even stopped and asked yourself why are their organic sections in the grocery stores?   Why is there a need for special labeling on food?   Why are there so many gluten free options all of the sudden? 

BECAUSE OUR FOOD SUPPLY IS NO LONGER HOW GOD MADE IT!   WE GREEDY HUMANS PLAYED WITH IT AND THE SOIL SO MUCH THAT IT IS NO LONGER NATURAL!!!!!  But we can all be a voice to change it back how it should be!  Where farmers wouldn’t fear Monsanto and the government taking over their land.   It doesn’t have to be this way!

This quote is so full of wisdom.   It is freedom to live by it.  It allows me to only focus on today and do the best I can in every area of my life.   I can handle today.   Sometimes all I can handle is right now, this very moment!

Image result for focus on today

Parenting is the toughest job in the world and I am saddened by how alone I feel many times when I share our parenting views (the way we train our children, no TV in our home, no computer time except for school projects, the foods we allow them to eat and not eat, how we use all natural remedies for when we are sick, and what we expect of them as young ladies and gentlemen).

I don’t share all of the above out of judgment. It is out of true concern for our children and the world we are handing them.    The government has no clue what will happen to all of us and our children from eating the GMO foods they are filling every grocery store with.   We live in a nation that spends billions on healthcare.  What good is it really doing any of us?  We are sicker than ever before in the history of the U.S.A. 

Imagine if half the money being spent on healthcare went towards education like what I’m sharing here on my blog.  Could you imagine if children were truly educated not from what is best for the insurance industry or pharmaceutical industry, but what is best for their bodies?   What kind of world would they live in?  

I’ll end with this quote, each one of us is responsible for the world we live in.  

Every single one of us has a voice needing to be heard.   Every single one of us can be a part of the solution and help our food supply be what it was from the beginning – pure and natural.  Every single one of us has the power within to do what is right and be the best we can be.  That can ONLY happen if we are willing to go against the grain and live as healthy as possible.   Our food should truly be our medicine and it can be.   What you do with this information is your choice.   I pray you take this seriously and really think about how things are working in your life and begin to change the things you can for the better.   One small change at a time brings about a world of difference!  

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  1. Jill thank you for your time putting this post together, thank you for caring, I found myself saying, "wow, really huh, man I need that in my kitchen...." thanks for getting this info out there. I will be using what I can and making the changes little by little! much love

  2. Thank you Jill for always being the voice of Truth on so many levels! Some of the food things I knew but there was quite a few things I had no idea. Great info and love your passion!!

  3. Thank you!! Most excellent. I am sharing far and wide!

  4. Good Post! The truth always hurts. I have had a few discussions on raising children on Twitter that didn't go so well because of all the coddling they do to these children. Also, this world is crazy and we do indeed need to go back to the way things were as far as food, health, and raising kids.

  5. I wish you could see e stand up and applaud for all this. It needs to be said and received by everyone. Thank you!

  6. Amen from me too!!! This post took SO MUCH WORK I KNOW. A million thank you's for taking the time to educate others!! You know I can't get enough of this info. After we get settled in the house, we are making major changes! I can't wait!!

  7. Oh my goodness. You are awesome. As a teacher I see this way too often and it is scary that these kids are getting to be adults with no direction or ability to function without mommy. Too often I have a person say to me," How can you let him (my son) do that?" Well, he is 20 years old and I taught him to respect people so I trust him to do the right thing and to think for himself. I have no problem "letting" him go 500 miles away to college!!! Amazing to me that people can't give their kids wings anymore!

  8. I found this blog through Pinterest and I must say, WELL DONE! This article had to take a lot of time and I greatly appreciate your efforts and wisdom. I will be frequenting your blog often.

    Thank you, again!
    Esther :)

  9. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Way to go Jill! Great post!!!!!


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