Monday, April 8, 2013

How I Say NO to B.O. Naturally

Today, I’m going to share the most amazing testimony that I have experienced personally since I began my journey using Camp Wander essential oils.

I can’t even believe I’m about to share this publicly, but if it can help one other person to feel better inside and out – then being this brutally honest will be worth it. 

I have struggled with body odor for almost 19 years (right after our oldest daughter was born).  No deodorant worked to stop me from having an unpleasant odor even after I showered.  Not natural salt deodorants.  Not even the (gasp) grocery store brands that promise you won’t sweat or smell even in the worst circumstances.  I have tried everything I could think of over the years.   Fasting, cleansing, detoxing, juicing, vegan and raw living, and not one of them changed how my underarms smelled at the end of the day.  Some of them actually made me smell worse.  Nothing worked.  And going through menopause has not helped me either – raging hormones on top of everything else my body deals with each day creates more challenges for me to find any product to help alleviate my body odor issue.

UPDATE 2019 - My life has been completely changed by two products and I would feel awful if I didn't share it with you.  So, be sure you are reading all the way to the bottom to find out more. And if you have any questions, then please reach out to me.

I suffer from a very over active adrenal gland.  I mean ACTIVE.  Or should I say a completely non functioning adrenal gland (I was told my adrenals are completely shut down because they never get a break).   My flight or flight basically is on high alert all day and night.  I rarely feel calm or peaceful inside.  When I do, I almost cry because it feels so good.   I have lived this way for almost 19 years.   This constant adrenal rush has exhausted my body over time and many things have been effected by the constant adrenal rush surging through my body.  One of them is how my body reacts to stress or even being really happy.   My body reacts the same whether or not it is a good or negative experience.   Finding relief over the years has been my constant focus.  I am doing everything I can to heal my adrenals, and learn how to go through day to day experiences without having my body think it is high time to kick it up a notch.  

I don’t drink any caffeine and haven’t since I was almost 19 years old.   I take supplements to support my adrenals, drink teas that are healing to your adrenal glands, eat a very clean and natural diet (grain, gluten, refined sugar, and dairy free), clean our home with green products, wash my face, body, and hair with all natural GF products, drink plenty of water with lemon each day,
Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, I give myself plenty of time to just be each day, I remind myself several times a day to take deep breaths and sit up straight, I take natural herbs that help calm the body and mind, I will sometimes use a natural sleeping aide to help me stay asleep all night, I am having amazing results with EMDR therapy, and I ALWAYS use my EO’s throughout the day and at bedtime that have proven extremely beneficial to my overall health.   As you can see, it is not for a lack of trying and still I have an odor that I personally find offensive (thank goodness no one over the years has said to me, “You need to do something about your body odor.”)  I scrub my underarms rigorously every day and no matter how many times, I will still not smell clean and fresh under my arms after a shower.   Trust me this has been very discouraging day after day, year after year.

That is until I read this post and decided to make my very own natural deodorant (one more time).   You see everything else that I have tried to heal with my Camp Wander essential oils has been a huge success.  So I figured what do I really have to lose by trying this blend out for a day?  

20 drops of lavender, frankincense, melaleuca, and 10 drops of Fractioned coconut oil (I also add in organic alcohol free witch-hazel)

One week later and I’m here to tell you for the first time in 18.5 years no matter what I have faced at the end of the day I still smell GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you even imagine how good that feels to tell you?  Let alone experience???  Our life at the moment is anything but peaceful and calm.  Which is NOT very helpful to my body (adrenals) or all that I do each day to take care of myself.  I’m confident that if I was not so diligent about my over-all health I would never be able to manage all that I do day in and day out. 


Now here is the amazing part, I only roll my natural deodorant on once in the morning.  I am NOT scrubbing my underarms anymore either.   If during the warmer months I notice any change, I will simply roll it on once more mid-day.   I love knowing that these oils are not only helping me to stop stinking, they are healing my body from the outside in!   They will never harm me or cause any scary side effects!    I can change the scent too by simply changing out the sandalwood to whatever scent I would like to use for a week or two.   I will most likely add wild orange and lemon next month to give it a more citrus scent.  The possibilities are endless.   Oh and the other amazing thing about using the oils as my deodorant – they NEVER stain any of my clothes.  The oils go into my skin within a few minutes and it is like I never put anything on.   Now that is what I call A-mazing!
Remember with using any CPTG essential oil – less more often is better than more less often.   If you need more throughout the day it is fine to reapply it several times.   With this blend just imagine all the healing properties it has and you are applying it directly to your lymph system.  Huge healing bonus right there!  

Check this out about Frankincense!!!!  This is just another reason I get super excited to share Camp Wander Oils with you.  It is no surprise to me after reading this and learning about the many healing benefits of Frankincense that this oil was one of the gifts the wise men gave to Jesus!!! 

You can read these posts to learn more about the awesome healing benefits of Lavender, Frankincense  (this one too), and Melaleuca.

Here is another wonderful natural deodorant recipe to try:

Upcycle a Rose Water spray bottle -
1/4 bottle Rose Water
1/4 bottle Coconut Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar
25 drops Clary Sage
20 drops Lemongrass
15 drop Peppermint

FYI: for those of you doing any kind of detox be it sugar, alcohol, pain meds etc. this is an excellent choice for a natural deodorant for you. Consider adding 6 drops of pure Frankincense too!

You can order all of the essential oils I use and share about on my blog by clicking here and be sure you use my code:  jillbewell to get 10% off your entire order!  

OK, now it is your turn – go ahead and make your own natural deodorant and come back to let me know how it goes.  I would love to hear your own variations with the oils you use and the success you have! 

I will be sharing many other amazing testimonies in the coming weeks.  Like how I never leave home without three of my blends and use them on friends, hair dressers, etc. who all experience wonderful results within minutes of me applying one of the blends to their necks and wrists.   Not to mention what each blend has done and continues to do for our children!  

I've waited over 20+ years for science and technology to meet so I could finally get relief and have control over my health (brain and body) again.

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  1. Love how you shared this! So transparent and sooooo helpful. I will be trying this blend. I'm out of melaleuca and will be getting it in this week. I can hopefully order some sandalwood, soon.
    Thank you,
    Dawn Gray

  2. THANK YOU, Jill!
    This menopause thing has plagued me with B.O. And it is embarrassing. I can't wait to mix some of this up. All my older friends have just told me I had to live with this and that it would pass.......


  3. I want to thank you so much for posting this. I have had massive trouble with my adrenal glands as long as I can. Often they would to go into high gear without me even realizing it until it slacked off for a bit and the effects finally hit me. I am now suffering from some serious health issues that seem to be related to it, but I had never heard of anyone else having a similar problem and I have a hard time getting the doctors to look beyond things that I've already tried and had no success with. This gives me a another direction to look in and something I can try without trying to convince some doctor that it isn't all in my head. Besides, the EO will probably be cheaper than the appointment, the blood tests, and whatever other tests they may think necessary. It may be embarrassing about the BO, but that's the first thing that caught my attention and the rest of it was like "I AM NOT ALONE!" so again, thanks. I am going to try the deoderant and research some more about over active adrenal glands.

  4. OMG Jill!! When I saw the photo you posted on FB via your blog note, I immediately noticed the doterra oil! My mom is completely in love with them and has like 30 bottles herself. She's been telling me about them and is a 100% advocate of their products. My grandma is suffering cancer and my mom is trying to help heal her with the oils as much as she can, she's used the oils to heal my little sister with an ear infection without antibiotics and it healed in 2 days, she's using it to help with her arthritis... and now with my sprained ankle she hooked me up with White Fir and Marjoram. I'm glad to hear these oils are helping to change your life in a non-instrusive way and I am turning into a believer more and more haha.

  5. Thanks for sharing Jill! I have wanted to try a natural deodorant and this sounds wonderful! Does it also work as an antiperspirant or just the deodorant? Thanks!

  6. Jill, I have suffered with odor problems all my adult life. I saw your post and decided to give this a try (as I try everything, to no avail). I have had some luck with using magnesium oil and lotion, but that b.o. always pokes it's ugly head up at some point. I mixed up some of your recipe, minus the sandlewood (not any at hand)replaced it with Amarys. I am SHOCKED!!! No odor at all! This is amazing! I am going to try using a little more C.O. in the blend for cost purposes. I don't seem to sweat much with this blend either! It really is amazing! You are a Godsend! Thank you soooo much!!!

  7. I, too, am having issues finding a 'clean' deodorant and stumbled onto this blog. I just made the recipe and put it on. Already it feels so much better than bought products that contain arrow root or baking soda. No burning. Yay. What's great about this recipe is that one can make a large batch as a spray (or roll on) and use it for other skin issues. Love this!! Thanks so much!

  8. I, too, am having problems finding a deodorant that works or doesn't cause a rash or burn. I just stumbled onto this blog and quickly made the recipe. Already it feels so much better than those other products. Plus, this recipe can be made into a larger batch for a small spray bottle (or roll-on) to be used for other skin problems. I love this!! Thanks.


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