Monday, April 15, 2013

It’s All About Love

The longer I’m alive, the more I realize everything in life is about love.   Giving it and receiving it.

Sharing it.  Bringing it alive.  Keeping it alive.

Learning to embrace it.   Soaking it in to the core of your soul.  It’s all about LOVE!

Nothing else in this world matters as much as love.  NOTHING!

Without love, we are simply passing time.

Love is what makes the world go round.

Some may not believe this but the truth is, GOD IS LOVE!

It is during times like we experienced yesterday that His love is most evident. 

How can I possibly say that?

Go back and look through photos from the scene.   Go back and watch footage if you can stomach that (I can’t and won’t).   Same thing happened during 9-11 – millions came together to help pour out love to total strangers.  The very strangers they hated or judged the day before.  Heck hours before. 

It won’t take you very long to see men and women in uniforms doing exactly what they were created to do – HELP!

It won’t take you very long to see first responders doing what came 100% naturally to them – responding with love!

It won’t take you very long to see strangers coming to the aide of anyone who needed it. 

When we strip away all the crap (yes I am using that word) that we dish out about those we disagree with, what you will end up seeing is the pureness of the human heart and what it was created to do – LOVE!

Every single time something like this happens, people around the world who only hours ago hated each other or were plotting the demise of one another, come together for the common good of mankind.    

How crazy is that?    Why must it take natural disasters to stop us from killing one another.   We don’t even need a gun to do it.  Forget about nuclear weapons.  We have all the ammunition we need.   It even comes with a trap door. 

Yet, we can’t seem to keep it shut.   We use our mouths to kill each other every single day.   Many times over in our minds. 

The stranger in the car next to you who wont drive the speed limit.  

The stranger in line in front of you at the store who can’t seem to pay fast enough.  

The stranger at the airport who wore enough layers of things that will set off every metal detector in the airport.

The stranger who has a child screaming and refuses to do anything to quiet them in church.

The stranger who is on TV fighting for everything you are against.

Not one of us can say we have never felt ill will towards someone like I just mentioned above.  NOT one of us is loving all of the time.

Yet, that is NOT an excuse for how we act and react to others. 

It is NOT an excuse for how we live our lives.

It is NOT an excuse for how we are teaching our children to behave.   We are raising a generation of children with zero respect for life, others, and authority.   Not to mention any faith in God.

John 21-1-19

It is time to start teaching our children it is all about LOVE! 

It is time we start treating each other with LOVE.  

Why must we continue to watch so much suffering?  Why must we allow it to carry on?   When we are all part of the solution!

It begins with each of us.  

Choose love first.

Choose grace next, before hatred and judgment!


Repeat this over and over again until it is all you can do.

When you can’t seem to find the words to lovebe silent.   Stop talking about love and do it! 

When you can’t seem to act in lovebe still.   Stop reacting in fear and reach out in love!

When you can’t seem to feel lovepray.   Stop waiting to for love to win you over and trust that love will come when you allow it to fill you up to the point of overflow!

Love never fails.  It always wins. 


So do yourself a favor – begin right now and start forgiving yourself, then all those who have hurt you, and open yourself up to love. 


All you have to lose is the walls built so high around you.   They truly don’t protect you.   They just keep you locked up inside where love is waiting to be received and given.    Over and over again.  


I will leave you with two songs I listened to over and over again today – because I needed my soul to be reminded the answer is easy….It’s All About Love!

Keeping all those affected by the Boston bombing in my prayers – those cheering their loved ones on at the finish line, children cheering on their parents, the first responders, the brave men and women who reached out in love, and to every runner who showed up to give it their all – my heart breaks for you!  

I truly believe the only answer is love.   Praying we can all agree and start right here, right now!


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  1. You said it so well Jill. It's all about love. May we live out the love of Christ one day at a time. Praying for the people of Boston in the midst of another horrific act of violence.



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