Friday, April 19, 2013

So You Wanna Be A Photographer?

I just have to share.  It is too good to NOT pass on.    Being in business is NOT for everyone and unless you are truly willing to do everything it takes to become a professional (having a good DSLR does not make anyone a professional)…you should truly remain a hobbyist.  It takes more than a love of photography to build a brand, a strong following, build up your client base, and to earn a living.  It takes understanding your market, developing a consistent style, charging the appropriate amount for the products you are delivering, and being able to reproduce quality images for every single client.   God forbid you are doing this and mess up the most important moments of someone’s life.  What a selfish thing to do – not to mention completely irresponsible!   Remember if you are going to charge money, then you better be paying taxes, have insurance, and a business license to do it – before you are telling anyone you are a professional photographer.   Just sayin’.   Now go ahead and do your part – share and help others see it is OK to stay a hobbyist for the love of photography.


Repeat after me, “it is OK to be a hobbyist and LOVE every minute of it!”

It is OK to never become a professional photographer, unless you are truly ready to make the complete investment in owning a business.  

Wishing you peace in your decision and that you can embrace the love of photography for all that makes it amazing – capturing the extraordinary moments in life for everyone to cherish for generations to come!


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  1. I am most definitely a hobbyist. But I love to learn and grow. I just need more time in my life. But I am signed up for a photography class. I get lots of practice photographing the children at our school and they are kids are my favorites.

    I am always encouraged as I see you grow in your ability and knowledge of photography Jill.

    Love you,


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