Friday, November 22, 2013

11 is Such a Magical Age

Daughters, deep breath are such a treasure and often times a mom’s greatest teacher.

This one has taught me much from the moment she was born, and I trust that will not stop until I take my final breath this side of heaven.   She was the reason I began my health and healing journey.   Beyond thankful for what we went through together to be right here today, loving one another whole and well!

I pray that time is years and years away, because I look forward to watching her grow into the amazing woman God created her to be.

All images are JPEG SOOC shot with my 135mm 2.0L



She is a thinker.  A voracious reader.  An artist and a writer.  Her mind never really rests, as she has grand and vivid dreams each night.  She is curious.   She is caring.  She is learning to become a young woman in ever growing body.



She has become more courageous than ever.  She is learning that God is right there to lift her up no matter where she goes in life!





And watching her find out who she really is and wants to be is just amazing!   I’m richly blessed to have been given this precious young woman to love!


And her smile warms me through and through.

Back to sharing the last two weeks of photos.  Open-mouthed smile


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  1. Thank you! I too have an 11-year-old...and I needed the reminder to see her as the beautiful woman God has created her to be...not the swirling hormones ready to erupt. :-)


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