Friday, November 22, 2013

Boys Are Made Of…

These two also love to get their photo taken.

They will always find a way into a photo session or whenever I have my camera out.

Sons are truly made of something very sweet and when they smile at you the whole world stops!   It helps me forget all the gross things they do.  He he he!   And come on now, we all know little boys can do some seriously gross things!  Or maybe that is just mine.

All images are JPEG SOOC shot with my 135mm 2.0L



And nothing beats sweet sons in the golden rays of fall!



Now this one makes my camera giddy!  He is super photogenic and so fun to capture!






Ahhh him in the golden light of fall is just perfection!  Hard to believe in 2014 he will be 10!!!!!


Like I said in my last post, this boy loves to find a way in front of my camera every single time!



Oh sweet boy, those eyes and the deep thoughts within them.


More to come.  I told you I have serious catch up to do!



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