Tuesday, November 5, 2013


A month ago my husband asked me to stop blogging anything personal.  He had one motive only – to protect me during my most fragile season.  

I took down posts about our home, and anything that felt unsafe for strangers to know about us (me).

I value and appreciate his care for me and our family – not to mention his passion to protect us.

Yet, there is an area of my life that I am 100% comfortable exposing to anyone who finds my little blog, and that is what God continues to do with my heart.

When I finally humbled myself completely before Him last week, He faithfully answered my prayers to expose the parts of my heart that could not glorify Him or give me the peace I was so desperately in need of.   My pride stood in the way of His ability to pour out grace and love into my life.   My anger, fears, and frustrations were the only thing flowing through my heart and it was doing exactly what the word warns – killing me slowly. 

What does guarding your heart mean? Not to not let anyone in, but to already have it filled with Christ so that when you let anything in that isn't godly you can immediately recognize it.

Proverbs 4:23

Then today, He led me to this video that I believe is exactly what one of you needs to hear.  



Two weeks ago, I spent hours watching a local pastor on his church website to see if it would be a good match for our family.   After watching several of his teachings we went to visit.  I was thankful for his sermon.   The pastor preached humility to his congregation.   It is a message that I believe is truly needed in our society today.   To remain in a humble position before God in every season.  

It allows God full access to your heart and life.  It keeps us in a position of trust and utter dependence on Him.  It keeps us knowing we can do nothing good without Him.  It keeps us in a position of humility amongst everyone in our lives – those we love and those we meet for a moment.    It reminds us that not one of us is better than the other and in that we are able to serve one another with joy. 

No matter what we face, let us bow before Him with gratitude.  We all have a million things to be thankful for.   Yes, every single person who is alive today in America has many things to be grateful for.   We have freedoms many will never be given or ever know.   We have choices most never get to make.  We have clean water.   We have every food imaginable to eat and shelters to feed those who don’t have the money to feed themselves.  We have churches of every domination.  We have the right to vote.  We have the right to live how we feel is best for our families.   God forbid we give up those rights and take them for granted another day.   We have the right to pray to God and remain free.   That is something we should all be willing to die for.  The right to speak His name in love and without malice.  

Many expose their hearts on social media day after day and get upset when things don’t go their way.   They claim a truth they refuse to live under.  They claim a stance so strong that all anyone can truly hear or see is hate for anyone or anything different.  This I know will never bring glory to our King who art in heaven.   He hates no one.  He abhors our sinful ways.  Which we are responsible for.   We must choose Him fully or not at all.  One can not claim Him and yet long to please this world and be pleased by it.   No one can serve two masters.  It is impossible.  There is no room for me, myself, and I in humility.  

Friends, allow your heart to be exposed before God and allow Him to do the work in your life that is needed so that you can be the change in your circle of influence. 

My prayer today and every day is this simple:

Garden by Needtobreathe


My deepest heart cry to Him is this: 

{You should know it took me weeks of full surrender and

asking for forgiveness to be able to say it out loud without, a divided heart!}

St. Francis prayer - enjoy.


This is the perfect verse for 1 of my favorite songs on KSBJ right now: Words by Hawk Nelson!



We are admonished by God to hold every thought captive and give them over to Him.  We are told that they only way to know true interior peace is to know Him, seek Him, and to love Him.   If you want true peace, then your only answer is this…expose your heart to Him so that He can cleanse you of what is clogging up your life and stealing your joy, hope, and love.


A heart at peace gives life to the body. [Proverbs 14:30]


Here is what I have learned over the past eight years:  I must stop trying to understand my circumstances, to make them right how I feel they should be, to get justice, or to decide when the lessons I need to learn are over.   This verse {actually Proverbs 3:5-8} have never ever led me astray from its deepest truth…it is I who causes me to stumble on the side of the path where He never meant for me to be or stay.


Proverbs 3:6  My favorite verse


May this following truth be the exact blessing you need to expose your heart to God.



I will be here praying for you! 



  1. You are a true inspiration Jill. Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles. I am currently doing an online bible study called "A Confident Heart" by Renee Swope. It is wonderful and inline with all you are saying.
    Love and hugs. Stay strong in your journey,

  2. I respect that you listen to the advice of your wise hubby. But I have to say that I have missed reading about your spiritual journey and the lessons you are learning. This was so good! The video about the heart struck a nerve with me. As you know I worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist for 25 years and what the doctor said is true. I used to often think of our spiritual condition similar to how heart disease begins and progresses.

    I love the Scriptures about the heart. We are to guard our heart. We allow so many messages from the world into our lives and thoughts. But it's good to dwell on the truth of the Word of God.

    You are a blessing to me. I hope you will continue to post about your faith. I want to come alongside of you to offer encouragement and friendship.

    Love you,


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