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This morning as I was driving the children to school and praying for all of us, God, used shadows to speak directly into my heart. 

Though I may be tempted to walk in darkness.  BUT GOD.

Though I may be tempted to lie to another.  BUT GOD. 

Though I may be tempted to hide my sins from those who love me.  BUT GOD.

Though I may be tempted to steal from another.  BUT GOD.

Though I may be tempted to cling to my sins in the past.  BUT GOD.

Though I may be tempted to cling to the lies that I tell myself.  BUT GOD.

Though I may be tempted to want things when I have already been given more than I need.  BUT GOD.

Though I may be tempted to fight to prove I am right.  BUT GOD.

Softly I said, “BUT GOD, that I may not sin against.”

After everything I spoke, I whisper those words again and again.    

Then, I asked the children to open their eyes for just a moment to look at the shadows as we drove down a tree lined street. 



Then eyes closed and I continued.

Darkness cannot hide from the light.  BUT GOD!

God’s light will find a way to pour into the darkest of places.

It takes a tiny candle to illuminate a room so that you can navigate around it.

We are called to be salt and light of the world.

We are to shine our light into the dark places and people all around us, so that they may see God within us.


By our love for one another.

How do we love one another?   By His grace and love He daily lavishes on us.  

If we, then He.  BUT GOD! 

God tells us He will be a lamp unto our feet.

So that we will be able to walk through the dark valleys we must cross and remain on the good path following Him.

He doesn’t need the blaring sun to lead the way.  

He simply needs us to be looking beyond the shadows for Him.


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The shadows can be scary.   They can seem very scary to walk into and through.   They can be a place where we can’t seem to find the light of hope.    Because it is being blocked from our sight or it seems the light of hope is too far out of our reach.  We allow fear to stop us from walking towards Him.   We allow fear to stop us from allowing His light into our the deepest and darkest places within us.  We allow fear to paralyze us from going where He is asking us.  We allow fear to control our thoughts, thus silencing the truths in which He is trying to speak. 

God, never stops using His creation to speak deep truths into my life.   BUT GOD!

I continued on my drive after leaving them safely at school and He pursued me the entire time.   He was pushing me to see the shadows everywhere I went.   Under the bridge above.  On the streets I drive on every single day.   In the alley ways.  All around our home.  In the town center where the tall buildings block many from seeing the sun depending on what time of day it is. 

Some shadows are so big they consume all that is around it.  

Yet, there is always a flicker of light beckoning.  BUT GOD!

Just as I was thinking that, I turned onto the main road that leads me home and I was literally blinded by the bright sun despite the tall buildings trying to block its view.   I put down my visor and smiled deep within my soul.  


And even in the brightest of light there right before me were more shadows.

As the Psalmist wrote many times, “He will hide us in the shadow of His wings.”

And that is where safety lies within a shadow.   Where He offers us protection.

Then when I arrived home, again His light poured through the trees, and shadows were everywhere.




Inside the tree’s shadows were literally 50 or more little birds hiding from their prey.   They were safe in the shelter He has provided for them.

God, offers us the same protection…even when we don’t feel it or see how it will come to be!

Trust in the Lord

God, wants to pour His light into the darkest places in our lives and hearts.  He wants to saturate every part of our beings with His goodness, faithfulness, and love.   We simply must step out of the shadows we try to hide behind or in.



Until we step fully into His light, we are walking about in darkness. 

We must fully surrender our hearts and lives.   We must let go of our pain, pasts, brokenness, circumstances, mistakes, and failures.  He wants to take them, so He can cleanse you from the inside out. 

So that we can become a clearer reflection of His Son.



He takes the driest parts of us and fills them up with His love. 

To create in us the fullness of His power and love!




Until, we truly ask Him to show us the dark places within us, we are hiding in the shadows that stop us from experiencing all of Him.  Sometimes any of Him. 

Psalm 51:7-11

Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. 8Make me to hear joy and gladness, Let the bones which You have broken rejoice. 9Hide Your face from my sins And blot out all my iniquities.10Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. 11Do not cast me away from Your presence And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.… 


My prayer for our children today, were these very words, “God, create in them in a clean heart, that they would choose to sin against You no more because their minds would here these words, BUT GOD!  And remember all that You have done for them and each of us.  Amen!”


May this be your prayer today right along with me:

If god is for me, who can be against me!


And I’ll leave you with one final thought…be inspired and encouraged today friends.  He even cares about the littlest of creatures and asks them to do their part as well.  Trust in Him with all of your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding.


.walking in faith



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  1. It's amazing how God can teach us lessons from ordinary things we do every day if only we open our eyes. You are teaching your children important truths.

    I know that I cannot get through my day on my own. As I abide in Him, He gives me the strength and the power when I feel like I have none left. He allows us to shine His light in a dark world filled with shadows.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us Jill.

    Love you,


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