Saturday, November 23, 2013

What Does Love Look Like Through My Eyes

Something like this…

A boy exploring God’s wonderful creation, lost in thought, and not a care in the world.  

All images are JPEG SOOC shot with my 135mm 2.0L


Standing in awe as His creatures fly around us every so beautifully.   Without making a single sound.


Turned inward and read to gather in prayer.


Brothers who choose to be best friends even when it is hard.


Two beautiful boys whose lives are woven together by the creator of the universe.


Yes, love looks something just like this in my life! 

Wishing you a blessed day!

More wonderful images to come!



  1. You're starting my Saturday with tears! Oh these precious boys. The hand holding gets me every time. I just got ALL caught up on your blog - goodness it's been forever since I've read anyone's blog! I've really missed yours!!!! I think with all the house stress, it just fell by the wayside… I think I posted 10 times TOTAL last year - lol! I hope 2014 is much more calm and stress-free, and I really want to get back into taking pictures again. I'm LOVING your 135!! I have the 70-200 which I love, and would give me that 135mm zoom, but it's a 2.8 The dof you're able to get here is incredible. Those bird shots last night, HELLO??!! Beautiful shots, beautiful children, and even though we chat all the time by email and text, I've missed seeing your family in pictures!!! Love and hugs!! xo

  2. I love it when brothers get along! The photos are so heart warming. Only God ...


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