Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Will 2014 Bring?

I have no idea.


But I know one thing for sure, my focus will be on inner peace.


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Why peace?

Because that is what Jesus is offering us right here and now.   He came to give us peace.  


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I want peace in my life that can only come from His love and my complete surrender to it every single day.

See the peace I seek, can’t come from the world.   Not from relationships.  Not from life circumstances.  Not from things.  Not from health.  And certainly NOT from wealth.  


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No matter what we face.   No matter how hard our lives seem at any given moment.   He is always available and willing to give us peace.  Not as the world gives it.  But with an ever lasting light and love that nothing can resist.

2013 brought with it so much chaos, pain, and heartache and the one thing I had to fight so hard for was to find peace.  I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried.  I looked within.  I looked out.  I looked to family and friends. 

Yet, peace escaped me.  


Because I wasn’t looking for His peace. 


Follow your spirit/heart/inner guidance's voice and find your peace. You can find your peace through the regular practice of meditation. When you find your peace, the world takes on a new perspective.


I was trying to find it on my own.  

God, has used every circumstance in my life during 2013 to humble me.  And it worked!

This year {2014}, my focus will be on inner peace that comes from only place - a heart and life surrendered to God’s will no matter what.  

I will be seeking Him, asking of Him, and trusting Him to give me what I long for…peace.


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That is how I will find peace.   By loving God more and more each day.   Which means His love will grow within me and spill out where it matters most…inside our home.   To my first priority and ministry – my family! 

What I know about peace is this…

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And this…

LDS Quote on Peace | Gordon B. Hinckley #septembereleventh #9/11 #comfort http://sprinklesonmyicecream.blogspot.com/


And this…

A spiritual lesson....


And this…

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Now is your chance to experience peace and it begins with a single choice – starting right now!


What will you do with it?  

You can create a new story by choosing to live in peace and by His love.

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2014 is our chance to get things right.  

Leave behind your regrets, mistakes, and lost opportunities to love more.  

there is something beautiful about having the chance to rewrite your future | happy new year!!


May you rewrite 2014 with peace that surpasses all understanding! 

Happy New Year and thank you for joining me on this amazing journey we call life!


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  1. I am so grateful for the peace that can only come from a right relationship with God. And I can thank Jesus for that as I received His free gift. I'm so glad we're on this journey together and can share what we are learning. You are a joy and a good friend Jill.

    Love you,


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