Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Asking for Everything

#Scripture                                    Luke 9:23-24

You will find a pretty compelling video at the bottom of this post. 

I adore the passion this young man has for Jesus.

But I adore the truth that much more.  

As you watch the following video, I would like you to think about a few points I believe he misses the mark on.

#1 Sin promises pleasure for a moment.   It offers you immediate gratification.  But leaves you empty, needing more because it never fulfilled its promise that it made you.

#2 Sin only asks for a little upfront, slowly it will begin to demand your complete attention.

#3 Sin tells you it will be ok just this once.  But won’t let you alone about it every single day afterwards.

Imagine with me for a moment, that a one night affair told you up front, “I’m going to ruin your life, your reputation, you will lose your spouse, your family, friends, and possibly your career.”   Would most really do it for one night of pleasure?  Gosh, no! 

#4 That is why we are commanded to guard our mind and hearts, because sin is so sneaky.

#5 Jesus doesn’t hide the fact that He is asking {literally commanding} us to give Him everything the moment we choose to follow Him.   Why?  Because He gave everything for us.   He is faithful to fulfill every promise He makes us.   His love never fails.  Ever.  {see above graphic Luke 9:23-24}

#6 It takes humility and a willingness to see ourselves for who we are and our complete need for Christ.

#7 In order for sin NOT to rule our lives, we must walk in obedience daily – choosing Him over ourselves.  Giving our lives freely to Him right away, with the right attitude, and trusting He will give us all that we need vs. all that we want.   We must take ourselves off the throne of our lives.  He must be LORD.   Or He is nothing at all in our lives.   He is an all or nothing God.   Remember NO one can serve two masters.

Now, listen and pray.   It’s the surest way that our lives will be changed and our hearts will desire to follow after Him and not ourselves.




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