Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day Two {30 Days of Positive Thoughts}


Today, I’m sharing a post that will give you some tools on how to stop the mind from thinking and dwelling on negative thoughts.   Click on the image below and make it a blessed day!

I would encourage each of you to begin a gratitude journal.  Write down as many things as you can think of each day that you are grateful for.   Trust me if you live anywhere in America you have a gazillion things no matter how dark and deep your valley is that you are walking through.   Just the fact that you have a device to read this blog post on is something to be grateful for.   You can also collect them in a jar on small pieces of paper to read at the end of each year to be reminded of all the blessings in your life.   A great thing to do with your children to teach them to be grateful and to never forget how blessed we all are each day!   

Our jar looks like this….and is quite full with our bunch putting in one grateful thought before bed.

Teaching our family to have a grateful heart all year long.... We will read all the notes next #NYE #eyesonjesus #dailychoice #thankfulness

Remember, be kind to yourself – you are worthy, you are enough, you are important, and you are loved.   Repeat this to yourself and others each day! 

In order to see a change around you, the change must begin within in you…

"Change your thoughts & you'll change your world."

If you missed day one click on the label 30 Day Challenge or POSITIVE THOUGHTS below. 

Thank you for visiting and welcome to one of the greatest 30 day challenges you could ever begin!



  1. My favorite so far, it's currently my wallpaper on my phone:

    You are BRAVER than you believe, and STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think.

    ~A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

  2. Oh yes, the thoughts we carry in our mind impacts our day and how we treat and interact with others. Love this Jill.



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