Sunday, March 23, 2014

Be Still SONday


For weeks God has been speaking one thing to me, over and over again…”BE STILL, JILL!”.

In stillness He can pour out His grace to the fullest.  When we are like a raging river inside – peace alludes us.

Peace only comes when our eyes are fully fixed on Him – not thinking about me, myself, and I. 

Or them.   Just Him.



When I struggle to be still, I pick up my camera and allow His amazing creation to draw me closer to His presence and glory!

The sunset below was captured with my 135mm lens and straight out of my camera (sooc) only resized for the web. 

Just look at this sunset right after a storm last week.   Who but God can calm the storms in our lives?




One of the flowers fell off from the tree next to our garage and I couldn’t wait to capture it!
These were taken with my 100mm 2.0L and SOOC




Charlie my precious puppy is one of my favorite subjects to capture.  Too bad the feeling is not mutual with him.  LOL!

Catching him in a yawn looks so ferocious!






After refusing to look at me no matter how many times or ways I said his name, I pretended someone was at the door.  HA!


Then I just kept talking to him and this is always the face he gives me when trying to understand.  HA HA HA!  I love the head tilt!!!  It never gets old!



Praying you will take time to be still today and sit in the school of silence.  I look forward to hearing one thing God showed you, or spoke to you!


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  1. Hi...first time reader of your blog as I was looking for a hawaiian chicken recipe and your site popped up! I love your recipe but what caught my eye most was your devotion post! You mentioned you look forward to hearing what God spoke to others while they were still so here it is. Today while still with my children He spoke how He loves to just snuggle up with me and hear my take on life, my sighs, my giggles, my all-just as I favor that time with my children! Thanks for your lovely posts and pictures. I will be back!


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