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Let’s Talk Autoimmune Health {Day12 & 13 of Nutritional Cleansing}

UPDATE:  I originally wrote this post in March 2014 and as you can see in these two posts - our diet is now 100% Ketogenic!  Which we 100% LOVE!!!!!!  
#1 How to prevent cancer with Keto
#2 Should You Go Keto? 

Body parts that can be affected by autoimmune diseases

To learn more about Autoimmune Health read the following articles:
Why do most people have an autoimmune challenge in the first place?

9 Signs of a Leaky Gut (and how to Heal it)

Your brain and gut health are directly related to every thought you think and believe to be true, and every bite of food you take!  Please, Stop telling yourself it is OK to eat junk food…


Now go check this out - click here

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Many people ask me, “what supplements should they take if they have an autoimmune challenge?” What I would suggest is finding a naturopath and functional medicine doctor to work with for your specific needs.  I am blessed with an amazing homeopath MD, naturopath, and chiropractor who are all working to help rebuild my immune system while I repair my digestive tract by eating 100% paleo. 
I take magnesium, Vit D3, liquid B’s, digestive enzymes, a probiotic, Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), L-Glutamine, Krill Oil (omega 3’s), CoQ10, Betaglucan, and gelatin.  I still oil pull three times a week, use essential oils and colloidal silver to kill off any viruses or infections.

I found this list and it goes along with everything my naturopath and MD suggested that I use.  Which brand to use is up to you and your healthcare provider

Anyone dealing with an autoimmune challenge will be blessed by  reading this book:

I first heard about Dr. Wahls from a TedX Talk she did in 2011 (her talk began my journey from being vegan to going gluten free and adding animal protein back into my body, etc.) and a few weeks ago I read a post about her story here.  


I don’t always have time to make bone broth which is highly recommended for healing all gut issues and rebuilding your immune health.  So I buy organic grass fed gelatin. 


Above is how I start my day and end it!  Every morning 1 TB gelatin in 2 oz cold water until it is dissolved, then I add 8oz hot water, 1oz of organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp raw honey, and 2 drops lemon and ginger essential oils.  Night is 1 TB gelatin in my Red Chai Tulsi tea.  You can't taste it at all.   I love it!

For the vegans out there – read this article about why gelatin is important for you too!!!

You will too, especially after you go and read all the amazing things it does for your whole body!  
Top 20 Health Benefits of Gelatin: Helps prevent Arthritis, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, brittle bones and more

The one I use above does not become thick, it dissolves in cold or hot water.  If you want to make homemade gelatin treats for you and your children you will get the orange can. 

Here is a recipe for keto- calming gummy bears  Open-mouthed smile and here is one for pineapple citrus gummies!

I’m definitely going to try and make these too:  apple cider vinegar gummies!

Another great post on how to use gelatin. 

If you are still curious about why your gut health is so important to your over-all wellness and how it directly affects your brain, then read this post!
Your Gut May Hold the Key to Better Brain Health and immunology

The best book on the topic is this:

I love reading Against All Grain’s blog and this post might help you begin seeking natural methods to heal your body.

Yesterday I shared the program developed by Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Hyman has a Basic Plan of Supplementation that he recommends to almost all of his patients, whether they're dealing with diabesity concerns or not. 
These vital nutrients go a long way toward helping to keep your metabolism, cholesterol, inflammation, and weight under control.  In other words, they help sustain overall good health and I've witnessed them in action.  Trust me, they work.
For starters, I suggest you take a high-quality multi-vitamin that includes each of the following:
  • Magnesium
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Chromium 
  • Biotin
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA)
  • Cinnamon
  • Green Tea Catechins (ECGC)
I also suggest that you use a protein powder to boost the nutritional value of your shakes, juices, and smoothies.
Lastly, my Basic Plan includes vitamin D3.  This particular form of vitamin D has important benefits that most doctors fail to recognize. 

Please direct all supplement questions to your healthcare provider.  I can not be responsible for which products are best to meet your specific needs. 

Remember a great way to heal your body and especially your gut is to make quiet time a MUST in your day (don’t forget to get enough sleep, and a moderate level of exercise).   It can be a time of prayer, meditation, being outside in nature, taking a nap, or doing something creative like painting or drawing.  Check out this wonderful smartphone app that I found yesterday to help me learn how to be still during meditation.


Would you like to learn how you can benefit from a ketogenic diet without having to do it perfectly?  Ask me how and watch this short video today

Blessings and thanks for allowing me to share in this journey with each of you! I am proud of each of you who has said YES to health above all else and are TAKING CARE OF YOU! We are good to no one if we don't put ourselves first. Not so easy for many mom's!  Much love!


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