Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not My Will Be Done


This morning in Mass as I knelt before God after being blessed by the priest I began to read the daily meditation and I came undone. 

I trust it will bless many of you as well, especially those who long to draw ever so close to the Father, and be touched daily by His un-ending love for you. 


Will nothing for yourself but what He wills for you;

Lose yourself, be united to Him,

Do His bidding. 

Shed yourself and put on the Lord;

You will ascend to a height

Surpassing all virtue

And Christ, who is there,

Will never let you slip or fall.

When you no longer love yourself, But love Goodness,

You and your Beloved will become one.

When you love Him, He must love you in return;

In His charity you are drawn to Him

And the two are made one.

This is a true union

That admits of no divisions.

If you have given to Him

All of yourself without reservation,

Loving Him and not yourself, He cannot leave you.

That Good you were given when He fused you with Himself,

Would it not be lost as well

Were He to allow you to fall into sin?

Therefore, as that Light cannot itself,

Neither can it abandon you:  Love has made you one.

Brother Jacopone Da Todi (Franciscan poet born in Italy 1306)

My journal over the last two weeks is filled with similar words spoken to my heart by God.   Live humbly.  Come to me above all else.  I love you.  You are mine.  My will for you is good.   Trust Me.  Abandon yourself into My will.  

Learning to abandon myself is growing me in such precious ways.  His grace is overflowing in my life as I stop thinking about how I want things to turn out.   I am stopping to think of Him and call upon Him more and more each day.  I know that relying on myself and ability to parent, be a loving wife, friend, etc. is impossible without Him.  I must constantly deny myself. (Luke 9:23-27)

Trust me, God gives me a thousand opportunities a day right now with several of our children to abandon myself and NOT rely on my love to make things better.   I am learning to embrace the hard seasons and moments.  They are opportunities to see them as gifts from God to increase my need for Him, grow me in holiness, and allow His love to shine through.  Easy?  No!  Worth it?  100%!!!   Because God, is love, faithful, goodness, and never abandons me as I seek to put Him first in all things. 

Today, I pray you will draw closer to Him and call upon Him several times throughout your day.   He will meet you right where you are.  He desires to have you bring all your cares to Him.  


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