Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Can He Rely on Me?

Read this a few times and let all that God wants to speak to your heart sink in deep.

As you all know my word for 2015 is TRUST.   And in order for God to truly be able to use me, I must full be confident in HIM so that as seasons filled with trials come I am standing strong in His ability, not my own.

There have been many days and situations already this year where I have been put to the test.  I can honestly say that in my failings I am growing so much more confident in who He is.  Which is helping me to become the woman He needs me to be right here in my home and community!   I am learning to be deeply grateful for the trials in life.  For in them, I can see Him that much clearer and feel His presence as I lean in and trust Him to carry me through it.

How are you doing so far living out your word for 2015?


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