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Friends, this is big. It's a new year and time to detox all the things we have control of - out of your lives. Think about all the products you use and how quickly these chemicals add up. What's really in your moisturizer? Shampoo? Anti-Aging Cream? Makeup? Just because it's on the shelf or someone is selling it doesn't mean it's safe. The FDA hasn't passed a major law on ingredients in personal care products since 1938! Say what?!

Did you know that heavy metals are extremely hard to filter out of ingredients used to make cosmetics?
  • As we now know, lead can be very harmful to our health, especially in high levels.
  • The U.S. recommended limit for lead in cosmetics is 20 PPM (Parts Per Million)
  • To give you some perspective, the recommended limit for lead in a candy bar is 0.1 PPM
  • Beautycounter did an independent study of heavy metals in cosmetics in several different brands, and multiple different products to see if heavy metals were present.
  • Their findings were pretty surprising! The products ranged from ND (non detected) to 240 PPM (that is extremely high!)
  • So, although the recommended limit is 20 PPM, it's pretty obvious that it's not being that strictly regulated!
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Take a few minutes to watch this video to understand:  Safety vs. Sourcing - Keep educating yourselves friends to understand the difference between "natural and synthetic" and "safe vs. toxic"  Password: beautycounter1

As you read the list of toxins that we are using every day - please understand we're not talking about the one time use of any one product, but the day in and day out use that accumulates in our system.  We are putting known carcinogens on the largest organ of our body that has no way to cleanse them out of our system!   Not to mention what we are using on our children who sadly are born with an excess of toxins in their delicate systems. 

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Often, my friends will tell me they can't justify making the investment in the products I share with them.  What you make a priority you have time to do and have the finances to pay for your health.  Using products that are high performing and safer for you is worth every penny you spend.  The products I recommend last longer and literally have given me the most radiant skin I've ever had.  That is pretty amazing for an almost 50 year old woman.   Ladies, if your purse costs more than your skincare program, and you're buying high end makeup/shoes or driving a sweet new ride, and you don't want to invest in products to keep your skin healthy and youthful and clear, maybe reexamine your priorities. It's time to invest in your skin and health - they will outlast your purse, your eye-shadow palette or your wheels.

You can learn more about the products our family uses and loves here. 

What is in your beauty chemicals? Find out how to revamp your personal/beauty care products here -->

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You shouldn’t need a PhD in chemistry to choose safe cosmetics and personal care products. That’s why we enlisted the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics scientists to make shopping for safe products easier for you. - See more at:

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