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WOW!  What a year this has been.  2016 truly challenged me from start to finish!  I have learned more lessons this year than I have in a long time and it all started with a simple yes to begin sharing safer beauty with those I know and love! 

Over the last week I've been sending out personal thank you notes and gifts to my clients and loyal customers.  In that letter I shared that this year has been one for the books!  I've grown so much as a woman, business owner, mentor and leader!  I've been challenged to step way out of my comfort zones every single month since I said yes to further the movement to get safer products into the hands of everyone with Beautycounter. 

If you would have told me that I was going to finish this year where I am today, I would have never believed you!

Allow me to give you a little look into how this year has shaped my life in such a meaningful way...

1. I'm still in awe that only 9 months ago representing Beautycounter as a heath educator and safer beauty advocate was not on my radar at all. I was not interested in sharing another product line after failed attempts doing anything like this before. But the mission behind this company and brand felt "right".  It fit with everything I believe in and teach about healthy living and so I simply took a leap of faith and signed on to become a consultant. 

2. I didn't go in with a goal to attend two top leader events in my first five months. But after three months I felt so alive and inspired I asked my mentor and now dear friend Liz to tell me the exact steps I needed to take to meet the founder and top management of the company.  I knew I needed to be at the this years incentive trip.  I followed her advice each week and God blessed the work of my hands and by July I had earned the trip and would head to BACARA Resort in CA, October 2016.   

The trip was life changing for me.  I met 139 amazing like minded women who encouraged and inspired me to leave there with a set goal of hitting the top level in 2017.  Attending the incentive trip sparked a deeper passion within me and gave me greater purpose to share this mission with everyone that I care about.  At the same time I was on the trip my mom was losing her battle to cancer and the next week I flew to see her.  Our visit solidified my choice to keep going and I will continue to share the important message of safer beauty in her honor!  

Each month my team completely blew me away with their drive to share this mission, all the while cheering me on to hit my personal goals.  Our team has grown to over 30 women all across the country ranging in age from late 20's to mid 50's - a few of them are like me with five or more children.  They have become more like family than colleagues and so are many of the women I've met through this opportunity. Together we've sold $200k of safer beauty products touching hundreds of families nationwide. And with their help I'm incredibly close to hitting the second highest level in our company within the next few months!

4. I've h
osted socials and events all over Virginia and have spoken in front of hundreds of people educating them about the truth about the beauty industry and the steps they can take to switch to safer beauty products.  (BIG deal for a serious introvert)

Why am I sharing all of this? Because this could be you next year if you simply say "Yes" to dreaming with me and join this movement to literally touch the lives around you like never before! I couldn't make what I am now as a S.A.H.M of fifteen years with six children at any corporate job. No way! Nor would I ever want to try! Having the ability to be a part of something this special changes you and you'll never look back! It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. The choice is now up to you.

Take a look at all the glowing moments Beautycounter experienced this year:  

It was definitely my best yes of 2016!  

Some other exciting moments this year came when Beautycounter was recognized by FastCompany as one of the top 10 innovations that made women's lives better in 2016 (you can read it about it here - FastCompany )

Right now as the clock is about to strike midnight I'm feeling proud to have played a small part in all that we accomplished this year!  

I hope your interest has been peaked and you are ready to learn more about what it really looks like to work with me!   Click here to find out!  I'm excited to mentor you in 2017! Welcome to my best "yes" because #ilovemyjob

"Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it." 

- Wilferd A. Peterson

  • Would you like to lend your voice and passion to further this amazing movement in 2017 with me?
  • What are you passionate about? 
  • What makes you excited to get up in the morning?

For me - I  love mentoring women to learn how to successfully educate consumers about safer products and bring their dreams to life!

Do you know someone who is passionate about health & wellness, clean beauty, non-toxic living or product safety? Must be a positive person and love making women feel confident to achieve their best.

In January I have room to add 4 more women to my team. Start January 1st and earn money, personal care product allowance and business/personal development.

Join this movement that has been featured in Vogue, Essence, Allure, WWD, FastCompany, Self Magazine, The New York Times (Business Section), collaborated with Target, endorsed by BONO and is changing the beauty industry one person at a time.  

Beautycounter in the press.

As you can see below three of our best sellers have been awarded BEST OF BEAUTY by Allure

Start the new year with purpose, passion and a mission to help others.
I can't wait to hear from you!


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