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Why and How I Keep Our Family Healthy Naturally

Jill Samter - How I keep our family healthy

Originally posted Nov 2013. 

I get asked so often how do you get through a cold or health challenge so quickly?
(Everything I share is from personal experience and my extensive research over the years of healing the body naturally – I make no claims that following what I suggest will cure anything or being a licensed medical professional – consult a physician if you are unsure how to treat your condition.)
First, we eat as purely as possible and don’t overload our body with carbohydrates (no white flour, sugars, or processed foods). We eat an organic Paleo (2016 we switched to KETO) diet. We eat tons of fresh veggies and fruits each day. We also eat fermented foods and drinks to ensure our digestive tract stays nice and happy! {Heal your gut and the rest of your body will follow!!!} We drink the proper amount of purified water necessary to stay properly hydrated. We wash our hands faithfully. We also pray for God to heal us swiftly when we do get sick and to protect those in our home who have not caught whatever has come our way. Prayer works.

I will say this only once. I am NOT against modern medicine. I simply choose NOT to rely on it to heal my body. I have lived with many health challenges for over 19 years and modern medicine failed me miserably. I do however, appreciate what it offers us and use it when absolutely necessary. I continue to educate myself on how to rid our home and bodies of toxins (which cause inflammation and all disease). I truly believe in the following quote:

Thomas Edison said that "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Here is what else I use faithfully to keep us healthy naturally:
I use natural supplements and herbs each day to ensure my body has all the vital mineral and vitamins it needs to work optimally. I visit my chiropractor often. I get massages bi-weekly to help flush out toxins and strengthen my immune system. I use a ReboundAir to flush my lymphatic system every single day. I just began a yoga practice to heal mind and body. I pray daily to let go of my circumstances and any worries that I may have. I surrender all to Him and have learned to accept what I can’t control or fix, knowing He will see me through each day faithfully supplying for every one of my needs.

Eliminating stress is key to optimal health and raising this many children that is next to impossible, especially with several from very hard places. So it is KEY to slow down my mind and body each day via prayer or yoga. Journaling has been very healing as well.
Next I use and am thankful for the following protocols that I have learned along my personal health journey:

7-8 hours a night of rest is imperative to keep your immune system healthy and strong. When my mind is racing or it’s been a particularly stressful day I will use 3 squirts of Bach's Remedy Spray.
Epsom salt bath soak for 30 minutes (add in your favorite soothing essential oils to aid in relaxation and detox) three times a week to pull out toxins, then take a quick rinse in a warm shower to cool down the body and wash off any remaining toxins on the skin. Vit D3 drops are a must each day for all of us. We are highly deficient in this country - you can get blood work done to ensure you don't take too much as our bodies store it. I don't take it during the warmer months but start from Sept. to April. Drink organic green tea a few times a day (I personally drink decaf) and holy basil {tulsi} tea, both help boost the immune system.

I give our children 1 TB of coconut oil, 2 drops of either Spark Naturals Shield with manuka honey and 1/2 tsp of elderberry syrup all mixed together - it cleans out their system and pulls all the bad stuff with it - while killing bacteria along the way! SUPER HEALTHY to do a few times a week throughout the winter!  They also take a high quality probiotic and Vit C daily.

Our bodies only use the D3 form of Vit. D and liquid is best for absorption. Most of us are SERIOUSLY deficient and should be taking anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 iu each day of it. This is 1 to 4 drops under your tongue daily. When you get sick you can increase up to 8-10,000 IU for a few days. Then drop back down to maintenance levels.

The coconut oil concoction I make heals us very fast - I give it the moment they complain of any cold or flu symptoms. It works great for anyone constipated too.  

NOTE: if you have sensitivity to coconut products, then you can substitute it with organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.

For sore throats I make the following: 1 oz Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, 6 oz hot water, 1 tsp manuka honey, 2 drops Lavender Thieves oil, 1/2 tsp coconut oil twice a day and BYE BYE whatever they have.

Colloidal silver and essential oils are what keeps us from ever using an antibiotic.

I am a huge user of homeopathy as well.   Which by the way is healing my Grave's Disease along with an herbal tonic!!!      

I was the sickest I have ever been for 8 weeks (starting in September 2013) and within two and half weeks my homeopathic doctor and I working together my thyroid is functioning, I'm gaining weight back, I have energy again, I’m sleeping 6-8 hours a night, and I'm feeling better than I have in years.


Lavender Thieves oil and all of my favorite essential oils can be purchased at:

USE code: jillbewell to receive 10% off your entire order.
I create a cold/flu bomb using several essential oils and start using it right away when anyone is sick. I also diffuse it in the room of anyone who has a cold or flu. Google it (along with Jill Samter Cold/Flu Bomb) and you will find many amazing testimonies and how to use it for your family!  I wrote two or three posts on here about it as well!

To use: rub on feet under toes straight and with small children and infants a drop or two with fractioned coconut oil (or the coconut oil below – simply put a drop of essential oil into the palm of your hand and rub in the coconut oil and apply to feet {especially right under toes} and down spine three to four times a day) Continue this protocol as you would any prescription medicine 7-10 days to ensure it is completely out of your system. When a health challenge is severe you can use every 15 minutes for an hour and then once an hour until symptoms subside.

Here are my top must have essential oils at all times (I keep one set in my purse and one in my bathroom) – Lemon, lavender, peppermint, oregano, melalueca, frankincense, lavender thieves, airway blend, myrrh, birch, and helichrysum. For those of you with children or family who live with ADD/ADHD or severe anxiety Function  and Jeddy’s Blends are a must have. I create my own blends to meet my health challenges and just to uplift my spirits – they are with me at all times. I have rubbed my blends on total strangers to stop a headache or stomach issue right in its tracks. That is how much I believe in them!

I buy either Carrington Organic Coconut Oil  and simply take a 1 tsp out of the jar - in the summer it is super soft and easier to mix. During the colder months it starts off hard and by mixing it softens up. When I add it to the hot water apple cider vinegar mix it melts right away. The coconut oil mixture is a HUGE blessing and easy to heal SOOO much! It can even help pull out parasite - because of the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil. Amazing stuff! I oil pull 3 times a week before starting my day. That is on my blog. Amazing natural teeth cleaner and healer of all things yucky in your mouth!

You have to order the oils on line. The manuka honey is in Whole Foods or I buy it off Amazon - it is not cheap because it is liquid gold! Apple Cider Vinegar is in every store. The tropical traditions is only on line. It is beyond DELICIOUS and worth the price.  I buy all of my skincare products from Beautycounter. Our entire family has the most beautiful skin - we are hydrated properly which is key.

OK, I'll stop or I could go on a health rant for hours. Which was my profile for thankfulness day 13 because of driving past over 30 cars in line at the golden arches today and listening to our children talk about what other kids eat at school each day. They get zero nutrition all day and everyone wants to know why their kids have such poor behavior and health - JUNK IN JUNK OUT End of rant.

Friends, don’t stop here go educate yourselves on all the amazing things God has given us to heal our bodies naturally. I use the medical community to help me figure out where my body is struggling and then I go to work to fix it. I don’t rely on doctors that would rather prescribe a drug then understand the cause of my symptoms. I don’t put toxins in hoping they will fix what is already toxic within me, unless it is the only option to save my life (and even then I would question if that were true).

You can find 100’s of health posts on my blog  that will help you begin to understand the importance of taking the very best care of you, as naturally as possible!
You can find 1,000’s of recipes and resources on my pin boards as well

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