Thursday, March 9, 2017


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1. Gather your supplies!!! Make sure you get rid of toxic chemical cleaners and stock up on safe, easy, and powerful cleaning supplies. If you don’t have something you need, you’re more likely to put it off for a rainy day. Be prepared before you dive into your spring cleaning!!!

2. Put away things in their place. Where does it belong? in the kitchen, family room, bedside drawer… that way spaces are clear before you clean.

3. Air your house out. Get the windows open while cleaning, if you live where is warm most of the time, open the windows as early as you can before the heat increases, fresh air, even warm air gets rid of the stale closed up air.

4. Add a little greenery. Purify indoor air with plants like Boston Fern or rubber plant ( Just be aware that the leaves can be poisonous to pets and children.) Raise hand if you do not have a green thumb and this one is hard for you???

5. Run the bathroom exhaust fan or open a window while you shower—and for a few minutes afterward—to prevent mold buildup.

6. Swap out your swiffer or that old fashion mop. Instead of buying those expensive mop pads or having to ring those old fashion mops invest in a reusable floor system that cleans 13x better and will last you for years. ENJO fiber mops can be washed in the laundry machine, hung to dry and used over and over again.

7. Say goodbye to paper towels. Start saving trees, landfill and your money, purchase reusable ENJO fibers that you simply toss in the wash and hang to dry.

8. Wipe down tile walls and glass doors after showering to minimize soap scum buildup. Check out the ENJO combi window cleaning solution.

9. These small steps that can add up over time to benefit your health, your home and the planet. And most of them can be implemented by using my favorite ENJO fibers, take time to explore: 

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Happy and Safe Cleaning!!! Xo xo



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