Thursday, December 13, 2018


It’s so - E A S Y - to talk about the good things in our lives.
So few of us talk about the S T R U G G L E S.
  • The sadness we try to hide behind.
  • The loneliness we feel stuck in.
  • The pain that won’t leave our body.
  • The brokenness we don’t know how to fix.
  • The fear that consumes us.
  • The unknown that terrifies us.
I do my best to keep it real on social media and never want anyone to believe my life is as perfect as the smiles you see in photos that I post. Nor do I want anyone to believe that being successful in my business came easy to me and that I still don't struggle to find balance in my life, etc.

OK, great right? How exactly did I get through the struggles and find success in my business? Simple. I believed I could and would. I put into action the things I knew would change my thoughts and life. I didn't expect others to change or do the hard things for me. I put in the necessary time and energy to figure out what I could change in me and got to work! I didn't blame the industry or those in it when things didn't go my way. Nor did I blame the company or product for not getting me to my goals. Although I easily could have many times, that isn't the path I chose to take. And I hope it won't be the one you choose either.

I know many have been burned by network marketing and those in this industry (me included), however, I can name hundreds of people right off the top of my head that have been equally burnt and burned out by the daily grind in corporate America. Every industry has it faults. Any career can burn you out if your heart and soul are not in it. And can we all agree a bad boss and colleague can ruin a good thing? Especially when you have to spend most of your life with them day in and day out! (The average employee is working 50+ hours a week - which is over 9 hours a day.) I call that "trading your time for money."

What's beautiful about this industry is that unlike corporate America you have the freedom to work when you want, where you want, and without answering to a boss! You have the ability to earn an unlimited amount of money and get paid a residual income. You don't need prior experience or a college degree to rise to the top of your company! The playing field is equal to everyone who joins it! Network marketing brings the BEST of the best products to the market and affords you the ability to earn the most amount of money for the time you invest each day! Which makes it the perfect side "gig" for those who need a little extra cash to bring down debt, want the ability to pay for their kids hobbies, camps, sports, and braces, fix things around your home or car, and its the perfect full-time career path for those who want to change their lives and bring others with them!

So, to those who hold a grudge against it or say its just a scam...let today be the day where that belief is broken and made right in your mind. This industry is 7-8 times larger than all of the entertainment industry combined (NHL, NFL, MUSIC etc.) and over 50K join it every single day!

The Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession hit a new record high in 2015 with $183.7 Billion in global sales. Roughly $73.4 Billion (40%), was paid directly to distributors via commissions. That's $6.1 Billion per month and $201 Million each and every day – 365 days a year. Oct 16, 2017
*Check out this article on Forbes - "Can Network Marketing Save Your Retirement?"
I'm proof friends that it is worth taking another look and never give up hope in finding the best fit for you and to live your dreams!
Don't let your past experience dictate the possibilities of your future! Don't let your skepticism stop you from dreaming again!
Now, allow me to share what I believe to be the BEST opportunity available today, it is the ONLY one like it in the WORLD! NO hype. NO rah rah is needed. Because the product is one of kind just like each of us (backed by decades of research and science) - no one can mass order it or sell it anywhere else! This is 100% Amazon proof! Every single adult in America and Canada can now know exactly what their DNA variants are and have the tool needed to help put their body back into balance. Every single adult (kids testing and formulation is already in the works) will have the nutrition their DNA needs for optimal health, athletic performance, etc! NO two formulas are alike. NO more guessing. NO more wasting time and money!
NOTE: If you are healthcare practitioner (chiropractor, functional medicine, nutritionist, etc.) this is the solution you have been hoping would be available for your clients. You will NEVER have to guess again what they need or how to help them truly feel better from the inside out. Your work will feel rewarding on a whole new level and you can begin building something that will enable you to stop trading time for money! You will increase client retention and offer them true value each time they are seen by you.
What I'm sharing here and in my Facebook community YOU. ONLY BETTER will make you feel AHHHHHHH right down to your cells. When people ask me about the DNA testing to receiving your custom designed nutrition I'm often at a loss for words, and simply share the following: THIS. IS. SO. SPECIAL. The culture of the company and the genuine people that are being attracted it are equally special!
IF you are interested in giving your body what it needs and have the ability to share that with the world too (and understand that a BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY like this doesn't come very often if ever!!), then you will reach out to me and not wait for me to reach out to you!
If you are looking for a sign that BETTER is real and true, then its time to take a look and be ready for everyone you share this with to say "THANK YOU"!
Many struggle every day in their life from financial health to physical health and they are praying for help. This might be their answer to both! But you won't know if you are sitting there shaking your head no at the amazing technology and science available to us NOW!
Some things are NOT too good to be true. Like God's unending love and faithfulness. This is the REAL DEAL and its worth you taking a look and listen!
Life is a series of struggles. Through your struggles, you will stumble upon your strengths. ♥️ So, ask yourself today if you are will to fight for your dreams, your health, your financial health, and to take the risk asking for help to make the changes necessary in your life?

Never forget your struggle is part of your story. You’re not alone. Choose to get back up and fight! 
Believe you can and you will!
HOW incredibly amazing that we can now have this information and nutrition. AVAILABLE in the USA and CANADA - begin today with your DNA test and get your unique nutrition created just for you in 30 days after it is received!

If you would like to learn more about this amazing technology and be a part of our growing community, then simply come join us here!

I can't wait to hear from you and help you get your very own unique nutrition too!  

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