Friday, October 10, 2014

Why Younique?

Today, I’m bringing my God sized dreams and His whisperings deep in my heart to life! 

I’m sharing my “why” with you today!

Originally my why was easy.   This mascara is AMAZING!   It is 100% natural.  It does NOT hurt my eyes!!!  I can wear it with contacts and my glasses.  It doesn’t come off during the day!  It doesn’t even come off when I cry.  Oh and it stayed on while I showered the other day after going for a walk.  I didn’t wash it off mind you.  But it stayed on perfectly from the steam of a shower. 

Before I go on, if you haven’t heard about this mascara or tried it yet…


With Younique’s 100% love it or return it, what are you waiting for? Beauty is just a tube of mascara away.
Check it out.  Fall in love. Your eyes will thank you.

That was enough why’s for me in the beginning.   Because I had no clue who Younique was or what they stood for as a company.  But week after week my why kept changing.   And God was working in the secret places of my heart the entire time.

And just in case you are wondering.  My why is probably going to keep changing as God continues to change how I live out the secret desires that He placed there years ago.

Years ago, I desperately wanted to host women’s retreats.  I wanted to speak truth deep into women’s hearts about marriage, parenting, and having victory over a painful past.   I wanted so badly to help teens know their worth and not fall into the trap that dating is a must; and giving any part of yourself away before it is time costs way more than the momentary hard feelings that come with that choose.

My heart has been broken for the human/sex trafficking industry for over eight years.  But what could I really do?  Sure, I could support organizations on the ground around the world helping to stop it.  And I have and do.  But what can I do?

I have asked God that question more times than you can imagine!

I often thought, OK maybe this will be the season I can reach out and help women become who they were created to be.  But God would close the door…over and over again.  The hardest door for me to watch Him close was my I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT.  That hurt so badly because I wanted it for each woman and every little girl more than words can express!

So here I am three years later and my heart still longs to share the very same message!   Except now, God has blown my desire out of the water with HIS plan!   You see, I still had some lessons to learn and pain to walk through before I would be ready to reach out and serve those He truly has for me to uplift, empower, and motivate

Which brings me to this video…


Now that you listened to my why, will you help me reach those who need to hear this message? 

Will you help them find out about an opportunity that literally can change their lives?

Will you help me to love on them?  

I will be donating 50% of everything I make each month to Catholic and Christian organizations that help children and women recover from abuse.  

I am saying, “YES!” to the plan God has for me through this opportunity and asking you to do the same.  

I will personally be training each person who seriously desires to change lives with me or is in need of learning how to run their own business with Younique. 

As if my why isn’t enough…hear from the founders and owners of Younique who just posted their very own “WHY?” video today!   I’m SO BLESSED TO REPRESENT THEM!!!!! 


If you would like to host a party or join my team to help me raise money each month to donate towards this ever growing reality around the world, then email me at today! 


If you would like to learn more about me, simply click here.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!   Have a fabuLASH day!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Friends, like most of you, breast cancer has touched my life through a loved one.  I want to honor them and all those who are in the battle against breast cancer right now.  I pray you will help me. 

I believe it is imperative that we help those battling with breast cancer to know nothing can steal their beauty.   We can also help educate every woman battling with cancer to learn about natural skincare and makeup options.  Knowing that Younique uses natural ingredients, offers many gluten free and vegan products, truly helped me switch to using their entire line. 

26 seconds






One of the other presenters posted this great review from one of her customers who is a Breast Cancer Survivor and how the 3D Fiber Lashes have changed her life!

"Just wanted to share a before and after and a little of my story. When I was 30, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. During my last few treatments of chemo, I lost my eyebrows and lashes. When they finally did return, I ended up with only about half of what I had before. I have since been in search of a mascara that would be easy to use daily or lash treatment that would "bring back" my lost lashes!!! After watching Dustin's video....I thought that's it! I gave it a try and I LOVE it! Thank You!  The product applies easy, dries soft, and makes me hApPy!!!"

If you know someone who has been effected by chemotherapy this may be a wonderful gift for them! For the month of October I will donate a portion of my commissions to FORCE in honor of those undergoing or recovering from chemotherapy.  All you have to do is after placing your order send me an email and tell me the name of the person to make my donation in honor of!  Younique 3D Fiber Lashes are only $29 and you can get them on my Younique site.


In support of all those you know and love who are enduring a battle with breast cancer show your support and wear pink this month!  You can purchase all of these colors from my site by clicking on any photo in this post Open-mouthed smile


Just a reminder I’m offering this for the entire month of October!



Know that I’m praying for you and your loved ones, and all of you who are supporting them in their battle with breast cancer.


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