Friday, February 24, 2017


Did You Know?

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Fact 1: According to US Environmental Protection Agency, our home is 2-5 times more polluted that the outdoor!! Major contributions from the furnitures that emits toxic gas and chemical products (sprays and detergents) that vaporize into the air in our home. We breath them all into our lungs and directly into our blood! At a low dosage but on a daily basis!
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Fact 2: Many substance can penetrate our skin and enter into our blood and ultimately our organs. TEST THIS OUT, rub a garlic clove on the bottom of your foot and you can taste it in your mouth 15 minutes later! Of course, not everything get pass your skin, not the dust or bacteria. But, many chemicals have such potential. So those chemical you left on your floor, especially those leave on floor detergent, now you know where they go.

Fact 3: The manufacturer never reveals, but most conventional floor detergent contains ingredients such as MEA (Monoethanolamine) and/or DEA (Diethanolamine) which known to induce asthma, skin/eye irritant and may for carcinogenic compound when in contact with Nitrite, Phthalates (in frangrance) which are suspected hormone disruptor and has been linked to infertility and increased breast cancer. Love all the nice smell from the chemicals, you are potentially smelling a cancer inducer. And there are many more ingredients in there we do not who what are they and what do they do. 

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ENJO is promoting its chemical free cleaning for a good reason. With our  HACCP certified and award winning floor cleaning system, you get your floor cleaning done Easier, Faster, Better and Safer because only water is used in the cleaning process and you do not leave behind any chemical - be it in the air or on your floor.

Does't this put your mind at ease because you no longer worry what you step on? You no longer worry where you baby is crawling on? and You no longer worry when your pet is simply licking the floor for god knows what reason?

ENJO have designed various types of fiber to tackle different kind of floor surface to make sure each are cleaned well and at the same time maintaining the condition of the floor! Here are some of the common fiber used at home ;)


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This orange colored fiber helps you to remove all your dust/microdust/hair/dead skin cells without dispersing into the air! It cleans into the floor's microscopic pore, polishes the floor and keeps the floor clean loner. The efficient removal of dust and other miniscule particles eliminates the breeding ground for dust mites and other micro-organisms!

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STEP TWO - ENJO Medium Floor Fiber
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This blue fiber in presence of water will help you to remove grease, dirts, dust and bacteria off your floor and Pore Deep with its microscopic fiber! No bucket needed! Just a spray bottle to spray water on wherever needs cleaning. Isn't it easy?

This floor fiber is used outside the house on surface such as heavy duty tiles, industrial concrete floor, workshop floor, and etc. It is effective in removing algae, moss and other dirt you can find outside. Also, it can be used for dusting of your outdoor area when used dry, and it does a great job!

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To What Extreme can ENJO floor system go?

It is also used for cleaning the boats! and they are really really dirty!
Video showing how well ENJO cleans easily and effectively compared to the conventional method.  

Who needs chemical cleaners now?  When 1 set of ENJO floor cleaning system can get all of your floors (indoor and outdoor) clean - EASILY, EFFECTIVELY and SAFELY!

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Book a demo session with me so that you can try out ENJO in your own home and watch it clean your floors without toxins/chemicals. 

Are you ready for a cleaner home that is 100% safe for you, your family and pets? 
Then join me and begin cleaning with ENJO today


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Thursday, February 23, 2017


  • Did you know that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime?
  • Did you know that our children's generation is set up to be the first generation of people who will live sicker and die younger than their parents?
  • Did you you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in our lifetime, up from 1 in 20 just 40 years ago?
  • Did you know that thanks to a largely unregulated personal care and beauty industry, your products you use everyday on your family and yourself can contain ingredients linked to cancer, infertility, hormone and thyroid disruptors and eczema/allergies/asthma and even birth defects, and that they are totally legal?
  • Did you know that many popular brands of makeup, even mineral makeup, may contain lead or other harmful heavy metals and it will never be listed on the label?
  • Did you know that 1 in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001. More than half (53%) of people with asthma had an asthma attack in 2008. More children (57%) than adults (51%) had an attack. source
  • Did you know that 17.7 million adults currently have asthma (which is 7.4% of the US population) and 6.3 million children have asthma (8.6% of US population) and that 1.6 million people make ER visits each very due to asthma? source

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Raise your hand if you have at least one person coughing in your home????? I have one that is coughing due to the residual yuck that he dealt with a few weeks (and we all know all too well how that cough lingers on foreeeevvvveeeerrrr!!!!!), I have one that is coughing simply due to a dry throat. 
HELP ME!!!! Can I send out an S.O.S. to have someone help with this cough?????
Oh wait, my S.O.S. is my bathroom!!!! My go to as soon as the cough breaks out in our house is the Thyme!!! I absolutely hate the smell of it, but oh my it is a miracle worker. I’m pretty sure that the smell of Thyme is permeated in my children’s curtains.

I grab my humidifier, the diffuser, and the Thyme! It is an absolute saving grace!!! I put a bunch of drops in the diffuser, fill it with water, fill the the humidifier all the way up, I also put the Thyme on the bottom of their feet and cover with some socks. I seriously swear by this amazing oil!!!! It is an anti-bacterial, great for asthma, snoring, and fatigue on top of everything else.

If you do not have Thyme in your medicine cabinet, then this should be on your next order!

Coughing, coughing, coughing! Will it ever GO AWAY???

Try this:
Dry hacking cough:
2 drops  Eucalyptus
2 drops  Rosemary
2 drops  Lemon

Wet throat cough:
2 drops  Peppermint
2 drops  Rosemary
2 drops  Lime

Deep painful chest cough:
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Frankincense

Layer the oils on your chest and lightly rub in. Let the oils sit on your skin, while you cup and inhale from your hands deeply for a few minutes. Then pull the neck of your shirt up over your mouth and nose and breathe in deeply for several minutes till the aroma begins to dissipate. If you feel like your not getting enough oxygen, take a break with a couple breaths, then resume.

As you do this, you will feel the oils begin to penetrate deeper and deeper into the lungs, and will even feel a cooling sensation in your lungs. This is what you want. You need to set aside several minutes every time you do this. You might have to keep doing this several times per day and if you have cough attacks at night.

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