Tuesday, January 16, 2018



Today, I'm sharing a snippet from one of the first documents members will receive inside my membership program NO Stress to Success - YOU. ONLY BETTER.  It is a sampling of what members can expect each month.  Get ready to dive deeper into each topic inside the group, and as a member you can immediately put the tools learned into action in your life and business. 

NOTE:  This full document can be read and downloaded only inside the members only section here on my site and within our Facebook Group.

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I remember the first time I said “yes” to be a part of a network marketing opportunity.  I was overwhelmed and crazy excited at the same time.  OK, to be completely transparent, I was scared to death!  I had no experience in the industry and had just moved away from all our friends and family.  My first thought after being told I need to reach out to 100 people was, “Who am I going to share this with, and how on earth do I even get started?”  I knew the woman I joined under through our adoptions, but she lived far away from me.  I didn’t know anyone close by to ask questions in order to learn how to get started. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I've been quiet over here for the last few weeks, because I'm putting the final touches on my program NO Stress to Success - YOU. ONLY BETTER.  

This is a labor of love and has been a project in my heart for two years!

Today has nothing on me:
  • Cold Damp Weather - NO problem!
  • I just walked 1.5 miles right in my office! 
  • AND in under 18 days I've written over 80 pages of copy for #nostresstosuccessmom and they are edited and ready to GO! 
  • I only have 1 short  video to shoot and it is LAUNCH TIME!!!! 

LADIES it is time for - YOU. ONLY BETTER.

STAY TUNED and be sure you are SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel!  

Saturday, December 30, 2017


WOW!  One day left until 2017 comes to an end!  

Are you ready for a fresh start?  I know I am! 

2017 God, gave me the word HOPE and I  had to cling to Him and His truths every single day!  NO way could I have gotten through some of what this year brought me without holding onto hope and His love.

GOOD NEWS -- 2018 is looking to start off pretty exciting for me!!  Two weeks ago, He spoke to my heart what my one word would be for the coming year - LIVE!  Let's just say I'm not disappointed about that one bit.

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